Djokovic Didn’T Cover It Up Very Well.

2021-02-14   |   by CusiGO

I wrote it a few hours before Rafael and Fabio fogenini. In his last game, my nephew had already felt the positive impact of his treatment for back problems, which prevented him from participating in the ATP cup. I want him to stick to it and I want him to face the Italians with a guarantee.

Djokovic also seems to have overcome his physical problems. He made it to the quarter finals after beating Canada’s Milos laonic. In the case of the Serb, it’s amazing that so much trouble happens to him that it’s doubtful if he will stay in the tournament and then he will disappear overnight.

I won’t question the truth of your pain, which is common in a good athlete. It may be less hidden than it should be, which is the normal practice on the track. More than once, a player lost because he kept some trouble for himself so they didn’t have an excuse.

That’s how Dominic Tim felt when he lost to Bulgarian Grego Dimitrov. In fact, I don’t know, maybe he just paid for the last round against Nick Kyrgyz. Obviously, the Austrian is one of the most promising, if not the final. There is no doubt that this is the disappointment of the fans.

The most frustrating fact for Spanish fans is the defeat of Gabriel muguruza, and none of our representatives took part in the second week of the game. In the relay race, they did much worse than the men.

It’s a pity. Gabinet lost a wonderful match to Naomi Osaka, who may be the healthiest player on the WTA track. It’s a very intense game, the background is tight, everything is decided at the last minute. They each sewed a sleeve. In the third set, although our tennis player had a 5-3 lead and two goals, he could not continue to play due to lack of luck and the opponent’s successful service at the critical moment. A lost opportunity, but a promising future.

So we started the last round, and we are ready to enjoy the game again in the open stands in the last week of the first game of the year, and hope it will only be a few days, so that we can send fans from other parts of the world, they will sit in the stands, give tennis players more strength and provide cover for them. You can imagine. I hope we can see all of them, too.