Betis Played In The European Cup After Beating Villarreal

2021-02-14   |   by CusiGO

Betis scored an important victory against Villarreal, which led him to lose to Europe for the first time against unay Emory. Pellegrini was in seventh place, only three points away from Villarreal himself. With two goals from fakir and Emerson, they won a tough game. Villarreal, very thick, only in the last quarter, Gerrard Moreno shortened the penalty distance. Betis maintained a good momentum in 2021, but lost to Barcelona the day before. At Villarreal, he had 65 minutes of high level and then suffered local harassment. The locals let too much time go away from the game, and when they did it was too late. Pellegrini is determined to bring Betis into Europe. He thinks it is a personal challenge. After changing the face of the team and making it more competitive, he successfully brought Betis home.

When Villarreal and Betis came to this game, their direct competitors gave them a lot of motivation. The Royal team’s victory in Getafe has put pressure on Emory, while Vidy Blanco has observed how they continue to lead the European team after the defeat of Granada and Levante. Pellegrini is always happy to come back to a place where he grew up and he put his Betis on the door of Europe. Therefore, although the conflict is not over, it is of great significance in the continental war.

As a result of the casualties, emery had to put Fox’s center in midfield to give young Alex Benner a band. Both teams are aware of the importance of the game, so that the game is played on a huge equal basis, and all players are very afraid to make a mistake and open the door for their opponents. Villarreal hardly rusted in the first very thick weather. Palejo didn’t give orders and the team’s disconnection with ALCA and Gerrard Moreno is obvious.

Betis is aware of his defensive problems, orderly defense, Guardado and Guido composed of the double fulcrum firmly grasp. Andalusia lacks attack, although they always have good control over an opponent who should be more exposed. The Frenchman scored a goal on the left and controlled Paul’s attack well in the penalty area. He’s a good shot on the right leg. A year later, the world champion returned to the game again, making a choice for a very serious Betis.

Emerson extended Andalusia’s lead in the second quarter, rewarding an ambitious team. Betis was a torrent like game in the second half. Canales and fikir had a high level. With the support of Guardado, he played 100 games with Betis, which is undoubtedly the most comprehensive game of the season. Arsenho even saved his team from the third goal. Betis won the high level game in 65 minutes. It was a tough victory.

However, Villarreal joined after gill Manzano’s own two handed penalty. It’s a very complicated game, protested by war players. The last action was also protested. When Miranda fouled outside the penalty area, the ball went into Robles’ goal. Emery broke out in the game, but the referee ruled a foul earlier, but didn’t leave an advantage. It was the last sigh of a game that ended with a victory for Betis, who took three points from a very complicated stadium and is now ready to fight for the desired sixth place.