A Stranded Tank

2021-02-14   |   by CusiGO

Hetafe looks like a tank trapped in the desert, rusty and dusty decades after its last battle, with an impressive silhouette in a distant but useless backlight. The hetafi tank is an impressive chariot that can crush any opponent under the push of infantry. It lost its chain a few months ago and its engine got stuck. Everything boldallas did didn’t work, not even his relationship with the referee. Just like in Sevilla, the coach was fired. Despair can happen without fuel.

As a result, the royal society began to officially announce its exit from the outcome crisis and won for the second time in a row, thanks to a Madrid team trapped in the arena. He just needs to act in an orderly way, do the right thing from the beginning to the end, and play with hetafe’s tension; at the beginning of the game and three-quarters of the time, he becomes more relaxed, and at the end of the game, he becomes more in a hurry when the blue team try their best not to get Ramiro into trouble.

Hetafe’s vulnerability was so great that the donostiara managed to score when they first arrived explicitly in the David Soria area. Zardoua concentrated from the right. The goalkeeper hesitated. Damian was wrong and pushed oalzabar to the side. The ball dropped half a meter from the hole, Isaac appeared, pushing the ball head down, and there were no people in blue around. There is no obvious effort, that is to say, when a team works well, Real Madrid will lead on the scoreboard, just like a piano concerto player, whose fingers can easily slide onto the keyboard.

Real are happy with the insanity of hertafe’s players, the disorder of Emmanuel’s planned game, and the inability of the players at home to make decent passes. He didn’t even have to rely on Silva’s wisdom, he was finally able to partner with iramendi in midfield. It’s a peaceful return for the canary, and no one asks for too much.

This game is obviously Royal and it’s still true in the second. It was difficult for hertafe to leave the field at the start of the last game. Only when Alena and Kubo enter the stadium can he have a certain degree of judgment. The only interesting center is the Japanese footballer, but kujo Hernandez, a very powerful center, is at the top of the table.

He has been doing his own thing. I don’t even have to swim in very calm water with my clothes. He’s just keeping a close eye on a few local attacks. His technical staff were able to make the right adjustments to allocate playing time to the players in Thursday’s game against Manchester United; borderas’s players came here almost desperate to see if the flute happened to ring. Although the result was minimal, it did not threaten donostiara’s victory at any time. Hertafe’s players seemed to be more and more low-key and powerless. They lost the head coach again when they exchanged views with Carlos fern รก ndez, who was offside and confronted with technicians. In the next game, he has to go back to the stands because he is a recidivist.