Scotland Represents Its Tragedy

2021-02-13   |   by CusiGO

Wales has a new Messiah. The winger of 20-year-old Louis Rees Zammit led the most experienced team in the world cup in Edinburgh on Saturday. The Scots wrote their own tragedy, squandered a lot of rent, lost a lot of rent, and carried out a rescue operation in the discount, and finally the oval fell from their hands. Your hero. Delcardo, 15, has not won since the last five nations championship in 1999, and he has given in to the most resilient national team.

Wales have a year of transition, but with France absent from Sunday’s game in Dublin, they have a good night’s sleep as the world cup leaders. Like Ireland, they have a numerical advantage after a red card. They were defeated in the first half hour, reorganized George North United and other physical casualties, and held an unforgettable game.

When Ali price signed his first break-up agreement, it must have been science fiction for Scots. One and a half Merleau kicks to find Da sigraham; the right wing grabs the oval before he throws it and signs the marker he puts himself in front. He blamed the coup in Wales and released Scotland, which has won positional warfare and stepped up its pace, alternating with Finn Russell’s vicious kicking. Another devil, Stuart Hogg. The guard gave a kick and Lee hafpenney, a very confident defender, watched the oval slide. A few seconds later, Hogg picked it up and rehearsed. The score (17-3) was completely in line with the local advantage, hitting three meters with the ball in the first time.

Wales has water around his neck, but he knows how to react. It’s going to be Reese Zammit’s first brand. After the continuity of Nick Tompkins, the winger took advantage of the right wing and was able to throw the ball despite the Scot’s efforts to put it on him. Although it is temporary, the damage of dragon’s 15th during the rest is limited (17-8).

After a turn in the dressing room, he won Scotland with a long attack. They don’t want to trade a simple one foot for three points, but a quick hand. No prize: I can resist the dragon’s 15 behind the obstacles in Scotland. The locals lost patience and a player was ahead of the ball. In the next game, Wales were 22 opponents ahead, and Rhys Zammit recorded Tomkins’ action to help Liam Williams arrive. With no time to digest the new context, fargeson was deported because he entered the football conquest zone uncontrollably and hit an opponent near the head. The Welsh forward takes advantage of his opponent’s temporality to turn the game around by hitting hard. One breath, 17-20.

He responded to Scotland’s bravery, taking on everything on the opponent’s court after his striker was sent off. One by one, this sequence led to Hogg’s acceleration, which broke Tomkins’s sprint attempt and turned the game around with 14 soldiers, which was a great feat. Russell completed a very difficult transformation and put his team four places ahead. But Wales didn’t have time to defend, and Reese Zammit kicked the Scot in front of him and picked the fruit. Another test.

The epic is left to Scotland; any kick with a stick will turn the game around. As time goes on, they are still in their own district 22. They continued to fight, winning several meters with a heavy blow and conquering everything with a glorious break. Duhan van der Meer sped up after Russell’s impromptu pass. And then Owen Watkin’s savior, almost at the fingertips. The Scot dropped the ball from the ground and gave it to Hogg. That’s too much. It’s missing. After London’s feat, Scotland staged its own tragedy.