Mirotic And Lost Time

2021-02-13   |   by CusiGO

Nicolas mirotti smiles in the face of adversity and pressure. He likes to play against Real Madrid. Real Madrid have been his favorite team since he signed them in his teens. He was dressed in white until 2014, when the 23-year-old came to the NBA to play alongside Paul Gasol and the Chicago Bulls. In July 2019, he unexpectedly returned to Europe and bet on Barcelona, which marks a new stage in the long-term competition of Spanish basketball. In November 2019, at the European Union’s classic warm-up, he would love to play on the audience filled wizink, despite being called “rat” and “traitor” there.

Mirotic, who fully assumed the leadership role of Barca, then presided over by Josep Maria bartomeu, tried to get back on track at all costs after Xavi Pascual was fired in 2016 – he was there all the time in the final and won a series of titles. “I want to create an era here,” mirotti said in a speech in brougnana, Palau. So far, he hasn’t lifted the cup like Azul grana.

Barcelona lost to basconia in the League final on June 30, one of milotic’s worst games, a day after milotic was named the season’s most valuable player. But in the controversial final of Valencia’s bubble, facing muscle discomfort, he only got eight points and rebounds. Basconia beat Barcelona 67-69 in the last game of Pesic’s appearance, just before the arrival of jasikovic.

It ended a frustrating first season in which the star didn’t even have a chance to fight for the Champions League, and in 28 days, pandemic cancelled the title. Real Madrid beat miretika in the Super Cup finals of 89-79 in 2019 and 72-67 in 2020. In the king’s cup a year ago, although the Montenegrin had 25 points and eight rebounds, Valencia was the executioner of the blues in the quarter final.

In September, mirotik extended his contract for two years until 2025, and reiterated his commitment to the club. Due to the serious economic crisis, the club needs to extend the agreement with the players in exchange for reducing the amount of the agreement. Mirotti had two setbacks in his second season at Barcelona. On October 11, kvid was positive. He had to stay idle for two weeks. After the classic league match held in Madrid on December 27, for personal reasons, he helped the team win (82-87) with 26 points and 10 rebounds on December 27, which lasted for nearly three weeks.

Jasikevicius, in his second phase as Barcelona, began playing against miretik at Real Madrid. It was the 2013 King’s Cup final in Victoria. The bar is 108-111. A year ago, Madrid beat Barcelona 76-77 with 17 points and 11 rebounds to win the championship. Now, the Lithuanian coach manages the leadership of the Montenegrin winger pivot azzurgrana, who turned 30 on Thursday.

“The quality of mirotik’s players is very important to win the game,” said jasikovic, “but they don’t win the game alone. The most important message for me is that we have to be a team and United. Then, if the game is intense, maybe one of these top players can resolve the conflict. But I always prefer to think about the team and that’s what he has to do. Nico is one of the best players in Europe and he knows it would be better if he joined the team. That’s why we work every day so that he can happily get the best out of it. “