Ilaix Died: “I’M Grateful Leo Gave Me A Pass.”

2021-02-13   |   by CusiGO

Koeman doesn’t interfere where people don’t call him – he admits he doesn’t care – just as he does what he wants to do in his own technical field, which is in line with the club’s medium-term plan to polish the players who are likely to leave their mark in the next decade. As a result, Koeman, who didn’t comply with his ID card, decided to hand over the ownership to ilaix moriba, 18, who attended a first-year junior class with ansu and now has more than six games with the subsidiary. “I’m happy because I’ve been here since I was a kid. It’s a complete dream,” ilaix admitted. He’s already a Barca player and he couldn’t help laughing. “I’ll keep everything today. It’s just a lack of hobbies. ” “We played a great game and we can give players like moliba a chance, which is important for how many games we have,” Koeman told the witness

Ilaix’s legs are kilometers long, and its gait spans many passing routes and spaces. Its feet and head are the center of football, because it likes running and playing, and its legs are proficient, but it still needs to be improved in decision-making. But when he was asked to play after one of minguiza’s centers, he didn’t miss it because he slept, looked up and looked back. In Barcelona’s longest game of the season, terenko opened the score. All the players except stegen had 37 touches after 1:39. Unfortunately, he did miss a ridiculous containment pass that led to rioha’s goal, and an hour later he left Pedley on the grass. “We always insist on the last thing. I have a mistake in my mind. But I’m happy to have someone playing with me on the pitch, “ilaix admitted. “Self criticism is a good thing. This is normal. You can always miss a pass, but not horizontally. He has to know that he needs to improve, “says Koeman, who always understands criticism as a constructive thing. “Learn from your mistakes. It can happen to all of us, he has a lot of future, he will bring a lot of happiness to the club, “Ricky Puig encouraged.

But Barcelona came in fifth and Koman’s bet worked again, he was always generous to young people. “They are the future,” he used to say. If you notice ansu Fati (18), he has scored for the national team; PEDRI (18) and Araujo (21), who were nailed together at the age of 11; mingeza (21), DeST (20) and trinko (21), who are now substitutes with a bag of minutes on their back. In the bedroom, the drop-down boxes for B are Konrad (19) and Collado (21). “We have a lot of good young people who are of high quality,” said trinko. “The participation of all of us has given us some life and made this team stronger,” Ricky Puig added.

Although everyone will always have Messi as a reference, in front of Alves, he used more jerseys with Harvey (505) and celebrated him with two other Diana (653 out of 759 games). “I was nervous at first, I saw Leo and grizman… A dream. We know Messi is the best in the world, and I’m very grateful that he can give me a pass.”