Ted Of Tenerife

2021-02-12   |   by CusiGO

Ted island is 3718 meters above sea level, making Tenerife the tenth highest island in the world. George shermadini island is 217 meters above sea level, For the third time in the past four seasons, they have elevated the roof of the CB Canary Islands to the aristocracy and semi-finals of the CBA qualification. This is a successful upgrade, with different inputs from the Georgia asylum organization. League leader endessa (averaging 23.3 pounds per game) challenged Madrid’s Tavares (2.2 million pounds) on Saturday as the giants compete for copera’s final (16:00, come on).

Shemadini started playing basketball late, almost out of obligation because of inertia, and at the age of 16, driven by his impressive evidence from corpachon, he started playing with his brother in Maccabi Tbilisi. The shortage of seven feet and its position in the market soon made it a bright spot in Europe. Just 19 years old, obaladovic’s Panathinaikos recruited him as a future bet. He wrote down a goal in the European League on his resume, but in the match with Zeljko, he had to find a way out because of the limited time. There, he started a trip and changed 10 sets of equipment in 10 years. It’s an alternating adventure, leading and rejecting, leading and surviving. A professional basketball player.

Georgia is a country full of tramps and nomadic ethos. After leaving Athens, shemadini stopped at the Olympic Games in Ljubljana, then stopped at the chant, and then went to the Italian League, where he began to relax. He was later lured by makabi in Tel Aviv, but in Israel he returned to the bench and stepped out to Olympiakos, where he arrived in December 2012. He is 23 years old and has only seven years of pitching experience. Pireo beat Spanoulis in 2013 against Madrid, adding another European Union to his parmares. He was not satisfied either. “I used to be a substitute in some important teams and now I want to play for a few minutes and play a leading role in the game. If I do well, I may go back to a big one, “he explained, when he came to Zaragoza, as if he was dealing with a road map on his head.

19 years later, he and fellow countryman sonikizer led Tsai, who was coached by Jose Luis Arbos, to the semi-final, but met Madrid’s aleso in the semi-final. After getting pregnant, the Georgians split up and sermadini went to Greece again to knock on Olympiacos. There were no stripes on him, and disappointment soon came. After another step by Cantu, he returned to CBA, this time morabank of Andorra. His extraordinary connection with albic, and his imprint as a solvent and productive player, make him a target for a more ambitious team once again. Malaga seems to be a good place for eventual stabilization, but there are also diastolic contractions.

First, at the order of Joan square, then Louis cassimiro, who did not break the roof of the tent to meet his and others’ expectations. “He’s taking steps to avoid becoming a 7-foot slow. If you’re on the basketball court now, it’s because you’re trying to adapt to more transitions, more aggressive defense, constant change, fast shots and multiple non touch returns. It’s suitable to continue to evolve, and we have to take advantage of many of its advantages. This type of player is getting worse in today’s basketball game. We don’t talk about Roberto donias or Fernando Romeo any more. These players have grown up in movement and speed. They have changed a lot of shooting opportunities, “explained Casimiro himself. He bought a house in alhaolin de la Torre, where he planned to take root with his wife and four children, but the plan failed.

This time, the destination is Tenerife, which shemadini hopes will be the last. “This club gives me everything: initiative, freedom on the pitch… It gives me a lot of systems. We have great players, one of the best bases (marcellio weltas), that’s my best choice. I told txus (video) I hope this is my last team as a player, “he announced in May last year that he extended his contract from the first season to the summer of 2023, because he finally found his place in the world. His contact with marcelinio put Tenerife on the map of CBA and cupa. The next challenge to continue to grow is Madrid. “I have to be ready in front of Tavares,” shemadini said between the evidence and the challenge. The giants compete for the final.