Jose Says Bell “Contradicts Reality”

2021-02-12   |   by CusiGO

Gareth Bell’s increasingly divergent path in sports reality and virtual reality is a fact that has been spreading for many years, and it was also condemned by his Tottenham Hotspur coach Jos é Mourinho on Friday, At a press conference, he went to Manchester on Saturday (18:30) to measure the city at the premier’s office.

Bell posted an account on his social media on Wednesday, saying he had a “big training course” that day. He attached to his testimony a beautiful picture of him driving in front of an elegant opponent.

First of all, he said the content of the letter was “totally wrong”. “I have to admit that this article raises a question that needs to be examined, because there is a contradiction between this article and reality,” the technician said during the judge’s sentence. I’ve been trying to keep it a secret since the start of the season, but I think now I need to explain that. This article may not be his responsibility, but it shows that training is a “great meeting”, which means “I’m ready to play”, which is totally wrong. So if you ask me this question, I have to explain the reality of things. ”

Jose was questioned for not calling up bell in Wednesday’s Cup match against Tottenham and Everton at Goodison Park, where he was knocked out after a massive goal (5-4). “I repeat,” said the Portuguese technician, “bell is not well. He asked for a scan. They did. The scan showed no injury, but his bad feelings didn’t change. Whether it’s a coach or a doctor, we can’t go against the feelings of football players. So I’m not ready for fun. It’s that simple. ”

If bell can train in Friday’s training, which is his last training before going to Manchester, he will definitely call him up, said Jose. Until this week, it’s the most he’s played. Since Real Madrid loaned him to the Premier League last summer, he’s only played 230 minutes if Tottenham Hotspur paid half of his 20 million euro net salary.