Australian Open Centre Deported For Melbourne Confinement

2021-02-12   |   by CusiGO

The Victorian Government in Melbourne, the capital of Australia, announced on Friday that it would be jailed for five days for the discovery of an outbreak at the airport, affecting 13 people. Despite the announcement, the day of the Australian Open went on as usual, knowing that the audience would not be able to participate until next Thursday. But at 11 p.m., judge Sila and Australian John bloom, He asked the public to leave the runways and facilities in Melbourne Park because the authority’s order came into effect at 2359.

As a result, the match between Novak Djokovic and Taylor Fritz continued, but the stands were gradually cleared. At that time, No. 1 led the Americans one-to-one in two sets, but he had muscle problems in serving and hitting. In the fourth set, his opponent led 3-2. Noel is obviously in pain. He has confronted some amateurs many times. It’s a pulse. It’s closed for one day, and the rest of the day is over.