K2 Tourism And Death

2021-02-11   |   by CusiGO

The winter conquest of K2 (8611m) has greatly accelerated an obvious trend: Nepalese people, especially their Sherpas, have become the king of the highest mountain in the world, and have enterprises developed around ochomir tourism. Nepal won the last puzzling and aspiring winter 8000 meter sprint title, not because of what they are (promoters of Western success), but because of what they are: unparalleled on the pitch and ready to use their talents economically. Live for tourists, not for them. Its influence almost eliminates the disgust of the best climbers, the most moral people, or those who can rightly say that we live in the most beautiful and unique way of conquest in this century. Mountaineering has always been developed on the basis of technological progress, but the most important thing is that it is developed on the basis of boldness: putting the unimaginable things behind us and raising the limit as much as possible. But belittles this kind of possibility, thought that the goal proof method is insults to the mountaineering history.

K2’s conquest in winter begins with a classic approach, in Himalayan, but is absolutely novel in terms of market forecasting. On the one hand, there are 70 climbers at the foot of the mountain, which is unprecedented in winter history. They started from the top of Mount Everest in Poland in 1980. It is worth mentioning that the poles recruited several Sherpas, one of whom was close to the peak a few days before vileki and Sishi joined the army. Stylistically speaking, the panoramic view of last December reflected the first exploration or exploration in the 1930s: many candidates, a large number of industrial materials, miles of fixed ropes, hundreds of oxygen cylinders, high-altitude fields… From the beginning of the siege all the way to the top of the mountain. Although they are scattered among different expeditions, some of them are huge, some of them are the smallest, in fact, all the teams are mixed together, working along the route, and united through natural selection. Here, of course, they beat the 10 Nepalese who peaked on January 16 last year, singing hand in hand. If someone, even without proper adaptation, can take advantage of favorable weather, no wind and clear sky, it is them. In this regard, their efficiency is overwhelming, even if they travel in bottled oxygen. If your success on the mountain is not avant-garde, your business returns will be overwhelming. In another country (Nepal envisages 9 out of 14 G8 countries and Pakistan 5), Nepalese have clearly announced their intention to rebuild Mount Everest on K2, that is to expand the market. The largest number of expeditions were the Seven Summits founded and led by Sherpas, who did not put any customers at or near the top of the summit, but just a few months ago, their brand reached an unimaginable level of recognition.

As an island with its own light, almost a lighthouse, Nirmal purja stands out among Nepalese compatriots, He is the only person on K2 who does not belong to the most famous ethnic group in the country (excluding Kurka soldiers), but now no one in the Himalayan world is more famous than him, which is unimaginable for a person who left the British special forces. The first crabs in 2012. If purja is not related by blood, he has enough reasons to stand up: he is the fastest person to climb 14.8 meters, the first person without oxygen in winter K2, and his effectiveness provides all the excuses for his failure to reach the roof of the earth: altitude, cold, danger, storm or some time of the year have not stopped him from gambling, and these challenges have now become challenges. They fly faster, away from red bull. From his admirers, he quickly criticized those who accused him of lack of mountain culture, greed, or his lack of remedy in moral or style details. Niemar asked not to judge him and let him be alone in a free space like a mountain, but here, when he tries to understand the nature of mountaineering, its evolution and his unremitting pursuit of improvement and commitment, he may be accused of near disrespect. Minimalism or respect for the environment. No, purja didn’t invent the Himalayas; if he put the difficulty of gossiping on the scale he deserves: away from the cutting-edge climb pursued by climbers who never know their global reputation or sponsorship.

K2 event is not a symbol of the times. Derivative news often grows up from lies rather than elaborate inventions on social media. The mass media in Pakistan chose Ali sapdara’s fake twitter account and announced that he was at the top of the list when he was actually missing. Today, he is believed dead along with his two colleagues, John snorri of Iceland and Juan Pablo Mohr of Chile.

The conquest of K2 in winter resulted in five deaths, a constant in the history of a mountain famous for tragedy rather than pleasure. One in four people disappears as they fall. Sergi mingott fell down the hill. On the same day, purja and his nine companions climbed to the top of the mountain. The next good weather window was last week, Friday, the 5th, when Bulgarian Atanas skatov gave up his top attack after suffering misfortune on a fixed rope. Almost at the same time, Sajid Ali said goodbye to his father Ali sapdara, a national hero with rich experience in high altitude. Sajid abandoned the peak at 8200 meters because his artificial oxygen regulator was not working properly. The last time he saw the summit, his father, client John snowy (Iceland) and Chilean John Paul Moore walked firmly to the summit. No one has seen them since. You never know what’s going to happen, but among the many outstanding issues, some have pointed out the limitations of coaching at extreme heights and conditions.

Having completed the cycle of conquering ochomir in winter, which has been going on for 40 years, one can’t help asking what is the future of this Himalayan activity: will it be forgotten? It will attract a new generation of climbers who want to improve so far? There is enough space to accomplish these feats, just as new painful events are expected.