Jasikevicius Bar À A’S “Sprint”

2021-02-11   |   by CusiGO

Barca de Mirotic and jasikevicius were promoted to be the most popular hotels in the wizink center of Madrid. In people’s memory, these two hotels retain the rebellious characteristics of the wine cellar. While waiting for Friday’s premiere against yucaja (21:30, come on), Barcelona recalled how Valencia’s basketball was strangled in the quarter finals last year. Before beating fuenlabrada on Sunday, he lost 10 consecutive games and was taken over by Fortis cascaris on January 21. It is after the Super Cup, mirotti’s second defeat in the first year, Barcelona finally became the orphan of the champion. In July, the glamorous jasikevicius appeared. After several penalty shootouts, another defeat in the Super Cup in September, an untimely final in December and mirotti’s personal problems for nearly a month, Azul grana ranked first in the European League and second in the league dominated by Real Madrid.

Jasikevicius, as a member of Barcelona, has won the king’s Cup three times, the last time in 2013 when he beat Real Madrid in the final, where he played against Mirotic, the Hornets of this tournament. “I am very clear that we have improved and we have to be confident,” he insisted. “The cup is a sprint. Two years ago, you did a bad job and you won; last year, you did a good job and you lost. We should not lose our role when things are bad. We should be strong and not panic. ” The Lithuanian coach referred to some of his team’s bumps in the last game of the European League against Olympiakos and anadoruefs.

In his 22 league matches, yucaja has lost a total of 12 and four in the 16 man group stage of the European Cup. The relay from the bench also turned into his race. “Katsikaris is changing the way he defends, he’s not that aggressive. Their big men have been at a low level in draft and dice games, and in recent games they have also played a few penalties in the penalty area, “he said. “I’m very worried that this is an easy team to score. In the past few games, he has created a lot of airdrops and failed a lot. But we know that people like Jamie Fernandez, Dario brizuela or butelet can score easily

“Barcelona have the pressure to win. It’s a super strong team. It’s normal that they don’t give us any choice from the situation of the league. I want to play well at their physical level and look for our winning choice,” he said The biggest statistical difference between the two teams is the average score, Barcelona 73.3 points, yucaja 82.7 points, rebounds 36.3 points, the other 31.6 points. Almost all comparisons lose unicaja. Maraga insisted on their last win over fuenlabrada in the League – “we lightened the burden,” katsikaris said – and their experience in 2005. Then he qualified for the cup at Zaragoza, where he was eighth in the League – now ninth – and declared himself the champion after beating Alicante, Valencia and Real Madrid.

Real Madrid and Barcelona have dominated the World Cup since 2009. That year, the competition was also held at the vzink center. The champion was basconia, who beat yucaja in the final. The Basque team, as it is now, is led by tusco Ivanovic, who includes Peter Mikel, teletovic, split, lakochevic, Sergi Vidal and pritchoni.

Ivanovic started his tour of teams like Panathinaikos or Besiktas after that victory, and after succeeding belimir perasovic, he started his third phase in basconia on Christmas 2019. His success was immediate. In June 2020, he won the fourth League title in basconia’s history. The Montenegrin technician recalled that young Tut, his opponent in Friday’s quarter final (18:30, come on), beat them in the last two duels: “he proved that he was a very good team. With the arrival of ante tomic and Paul Ribas, he has improved both in quality and experience. He has two new Americans (defender Demetrius Jackson and Alero Dawson, who returned after a long injury). It’s a much stronger team than when we played them last time and we lost