Gamonitaru Completed The Asturias Trilogy During His Trip To Spain In 2021

2021-02-11   |   by CusiGO

From the Gothic architecture of Burgos cathedral where the first stone was laid 800 years ago, from the interior of the temple to the Romanesque gate of the glory porch of San Diego Cathedral, there is a flight distance of 402 km, and the 2021 circle becomes 3336 km, because that’s why, Organize a 21 stage grand Rodeo from Burgos (scheduled for August 14) to San Diego (the end of all roads) on September 5.

Rodeo – from ancient castilia to celonia in kunca, then to the coast of Valencia, Murcia and Andalusia, they spent a few days up and down half of the mountain in estramadura and Castilla, then jumped to Cantabria, Asturias, and finally to the countries of Galicia, Catalonia, Pyrenees and Basque, In the suffocating August heat of southern Spain, through inaccessible roads, complex harbors, picturesque roads, desolate wilderness and goat hillsides, we return to the traditional last return date, which may miss the smell and color of last autumn, when it was a pandemic He put it off until November – it’s nothing new. The 2021 tour in Burgos on Thursday is a career, and despite following almost the same short stage script and performing on a variety of stages, it has been unable to show itself without surprises for more than a decade. What’s new now is the long-awaited arrival of PICU gamoniteiru, who will complete the three totems erected by cyclists on Mount Asturias, together with neighboring angliru (Victoria del Chava Jim é Nez and Lagos de Covadonga since 1999, and Marino lejarreta since 1983), Their spouses turn around like their brothers did before.

It will be held on Thursday, September 2, when it will be seen as the Rena stage, because before its debut – 15 kilometers to nearly 10 percent from Paula delaina to 1794 meters – San Lorenzo, cobetoria and kodal will be climbed. Since we will visit old kovadonga the night before, we have made two climbs (8 km, 14% of the ramp) before the unprecedented COLLADA llomena, and only Padr ó n al obradoiro (33.7 km) is left in the end, so it is not difficult to predict that we will decide to return in the last five days, This is likely to be in line with the wishes of his designer and director, Javier Gillen.

Another more pleasant news is the return of estre Madura, an area often overlooked by cycling organizers. On Saturday, August 28th, St. Augustine and manolet of Linares appeared in the society in the 14th stage (Saturday, August 28th). They made a spectacular ascent to mount vilecas, At an altitude of 1570 meters, starting from the monastery of Guadalupe and its jeronima sacristy and the elevation of zubalan, there are 3 km 15% concrete and 15 km 7% concrete.

The world map, gamoniteiru, Lagos and villuercas of Asturias (region), Spain, are three of the five high mountain termini drawn. The rest is Espinosa de Los Monteros (Burgos), which is already in the third stage, in the almerian desert, bordering on alpujaras (the ninth stage). In addition, there are also some common Reggio Collections: Castillo de Cullera (sixth), Balcon de Alicante (seventh), valdepenas de Ja é n (eleventh) and Castro de herville, in pontevedra, countdown

He turns around and subtracts the only two separate recoils (the opening and the last, a total of 40 kilometers), with six stages left in the sprint, which is a luxury. Apart from reaching Cordoba, Chava barracks and Victoria point, it has little hope that it will end up with a spectacular downhill, with both the taste of a travelling priest and the disgust of an intensive care grandmother, who thinks it is dangerous, banning the most aerodynamic and efficient approach to port, The cyclist sits on the handlebar and hangs his head on it.