From Pause To Acceleration

2021-02-11   |   by CusiGO

Levante depako Lopez played well in laliga, 6-9-6, 31 in favor and 31 against. After eliminating Valladolid and Villarreal, he will play the athletic team in San Mames, which is his second semi-final in history. The granotta team acts like a combination of personality and style in every game, which will not make the impartial amateurs indifferent.

Every Levant meeting is a sense of security. Like almost all teams, only once in laliga, he didn’t score, he made defensive mistakes, but his ambition is to become the team with the most points after 18 points behind. The granota have an average duel share of 52.5% and a passing percentage of 80.6%. They always win the game. They have never lost more than two goals and never won more than three.

In the classic 4-4-2 mode, Paco Lopez bet on offensive games and proved it when choosing his players, most of them offensive. He has no fixed 11. On the contrary. The idea is always the same, but bad. It lets 16 / 17 players dance and dance in a similar space footprint. He has played so well in the last few games that he won the draft of Louis Enrique. This is where midfield changes most: eight players in four positions, each with different characteristics, but it’s easy to adapt to the technician’s requirements. Melero is the archetype of this diversity. He’s played all regional positions, even second forward.

The two great advantages of this promotion are that it is easy to mix concepts and beliefs together. He took a possession and pass from behind into the watershed and sped up at dizzy speed. From position play to counterattack. From foot game to transition game. From pause to acceleration, one or two keys. Its main drawback is the strictness of tactics. He doesn’t always end up attacking, it’s easy to split into two blocks. However, he even tried to take advantage of this anarchy and did not defend the ball well.

The ball is in his hand and he plays very slowly. His pulse did not tremble. Take mistakes – give lots of opportunities – and repeat them. He comes out from the back, the center opens, the low side starts, and then sticks up, with two midfielders controlling the output of the ball. Your primary goal is to attract more competitors to better enter your creative field, create space, and then print speed to your game. He likes running. I feel very comfortable. Don’t play directly with the goalkeeper’s long pass scornfully when the opponent holds him tight.

Two forwards, Roger, fixed, and Dani Gomez, Sergio Leon or Morales, extend a lot of blocks. They complement each other. One came down to accept, the other broke. They split in breadth, open up defense, and then gather together to attack depth. The biggest producer is Morales, 11 people, 10 people in laliga 17 auctions in front of the door, 61% of the shooting rate, one person in the cup. Roger Marty scored nine goals (17 goals) against Villarreal and scored Morales’ last in the knockout.