The Winner Accelerates To Competitive State

2021-02-10   |   by CusiGO

Nearly 12 months ago, on February 16, 2020, when the football field was full of spectators, Unai Victor (Bilbao, 20) made his debut in San Mames against Osasuna. It was a title, but it left the bitterness of failure at home in front of his people. He could have done better because he dared to foul on the edge of the penalty area and hit the post. Nevertheless, he has realized the dream of any Bilbao boy, that is to participate in sports. “I am very happy that I can realize my dream, which is a regrettable result,” he wrote on social media after the conflict.

Then he returned to Athletic Bilbao and played three more games until the game was suspended. He never returned to the first team and resumed the professional league. When his technician Gaizka garitano made a list of the pre-season winners, the red and white youth who came from santutxu, one of Bilbao’s most popular communities, three years ago, was included, although the club studied his mission. Opportunity is at home. “I talked to the club in the summer and I want to stay until the winter market. My idea is to play here as much as possible. ”

When he returned to the starting line-up almost unexpectedly on November 20, a week after his 20th birthday, the door to the market had not yet opened. He played a few minutes in a few games, but under the pressure of criticism, gallitano formed a team, Wunai in the central axis, he beat Betis 4-0. These words evoke the freshness he brings to a seemingly unattractive Rural Center. Because of the beginners’ mistakes, his game was very convincing from the beginning.

Since then, he has won 11 games in laliga, the Super Cup against Real Madrid and Barcelona, and the cup against Ibiza.

He is taking over the position. “Sir, he talked to me and explained what he wanted from me. On Tuesday, after renewing his contract, he said: “he asked me to keep calm and move forward with a diagonal pass.” he made corresponding improvements in his contract extension before 2025, with the termination clause starting from 40 million euros to 50 euros in the last initialed season. “I have successfully arrived and renewed my contract and I hope to stay here for many years. It all happened very quickly. I’m trying to adapt to it. “I hope everything goes on like this,” admitted the footballer, who will start in the Levante Cup semi-final, except by accident.

Marcelino knows that the Santo franchised footballer, who started at otsalcoyaga football school, has a lot to learn. “He’s doing well, he’s young, he’s playing for the first time this season. When you’re young and have your first experience, it’s logical that you’ll experience the ups and downs of performance, “the technician said. “It will take more time. We are very happy, he has a very good performance, on the collective level, the team has also done very well, which means the increase of personal progress

The winner was the last dog to enter the first team. Now, those who know them say, wait for their colleague zaraga to jump too.