Pachin, The Legend Of Madrid Doctrine, Died At The Age Of 82

2021-02-10   |   by CusiGO

Enrique Perez pachin died on Wednesday morning at the age of 82 after a month and a half in Madrid’s HM sanchinaro hospital. Pachin is a versatile defender and one of the club’s legends; he played for nine years between 1959 and 1968, winning two European cups and seven leagues.

Pachin was born in torelavega (Cantabria) on December 28, 1938. In the civil war, he started with the local gymnastics team, then grew up in Burgos, and participated in the first league with Osasuna for the first time. He worked with Osasuna for a season. His career developed in Real Madrid until he became one of the team’s benchmarks in the 1960s, winning at least one title per season before he left Real Betis and ended his career with Atletico Toluca Mexico.

“Real Madrid would like to express their grief and love to his wife Mercedes, their daughters Cristina and Mercedes, their grandsons Javier and Cristina, and all their families and relatives,” the club said. In his nine seasons at Real Madrid, he has participated in 218 games, won 2 European cups, 1 Intercontinental Cup, 7 leagues and 1 Spanish cup, and participated in international competitions under the age of 21 in the Spanish national team, then jumped to absolute form and played with it for 8 times.

On May 15, 1960, he beat England 3-0. The last meeting was held in Northern Ireland on May 30, 1963 (1-1). It turned out to be six wins, one draw and one defeat (2-1 win over Brazil in Chile’s World Cup).

Pachin also made his first step as a technician at the Madrid quarry, leading hertafe, Osasuna, Ceuta, real Valladolid, albacet, Hercules, Granada, Levante and Cordoba throughout his career.