Kound É, Land And Air

2021-02-10   |   by CusiGO

“If I were to sum up Jules kunder in two words, I would say he is intuitive and comprehensive,” said Sevilla general manager Munch, who signed a young Bordeaux gironden defender in the summer of 2019 for 25 million euros, having played only 70 games in the elite team. If all variables are satisfied, this is the most expensive contract in the history of the entity. In September last year, Munch himself did not agree to sell Conde to city, which had given 55 million euros to the defender. Sevilla are looking to sell a 22-year-old for 90 million pounds next summer, but there is no limit to his performance.

“He’s quick thinking and learning,” added the Sevilla sports director, who will play tonight in the semi-final against Barcelona. Only the coronavirus can stop Kuder this season. He has played 29 games in all competitions and has been doing well, scoring a goal in laliga.

With good feet and excellent air skills (1.78m), it is inevitable to compare with players like Sergio Ramos, who trained in Sevilla’s quarry and moved to Madrid in the summer of 2005. “Kunder’s progress reminds me of Sergio. It has a huge projection. Jules is technically very reliable and has a lot of resources. “Like Sergio, he has an impressive air game,” said Pablo Blanco, coordinator of Sevilla’s lower escalafone. “Jules has a kind of flexibility that I like,” he added.

These data give Blanco a correct understanding of Conde’s excellent air game and passing ability. The Frenchman is laliga’s third aerial duel (99), second only to David Garcia (147 year old Osasuna) and Le Norman (110 year old Royal Society). Among them, he won 55 points, ranking fourth in this segment, after David Garcia, Le Norman and sivos (huska). It was also the second time that laliga (70) had the most passes per game, second only to Barcelona’s Jodi alba (74). In addition, Kunde can get nearly six goals in each game, creating seven scoring opportunities and completing 11 goals in the visiting team area.

“Kunder is a boy who has been with us for two years. He has made progress, he has grown a lot, and he has to continue to grow for his young people, “said Yolen lopegi, who is Kuder’s coach in the European League. “One of the keys I see from his progress is that he loves his career. In football, it’s very important to have conditions like Jules, but it’s very important to have a learning and progressive attitude,” added the Sevilla technician.

Born in Paris, Comte wants to continue to learn and grow in Seville. Growing up in a quarry in guillotine and well trained, the NBA enthusiast is ready to make his debut with the French national team. As a Sevilla player, he has been selected for the Under-21 national team four times, but he is not afraid of Playing: varan, kimpembe, rengley, Zuma, Laporte, upamecano, Lucas Hernandez or Conat.