Koeman: “Barcelona Played Very Well.”

2021-02-10   |   by CusiGO

Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman is not too upset about losing to Sevilla in the semi-final. More importantly, the technician quilted his players and realized the difficulty of winning the 2-0 win in the upcoming Camp Nou round on March 3. “I saw Barcelona play well, he did everything, he put pressure on… I can’t blame the team. There is still one more game to play and we have to work hard to win to get to the final. The 2-0 turn is very complicated. An away goal is very valuable. We have our own choices, but his goalkeeper and defense are good. “We have to move on, but Barcelona can do anything at home,” the Barcelona coach said of his defensive line-up. “I decided to play with ummiti because there are very few people behind us and there are a lot of games. We left too much space on the first and second ball in midfield and I don’t like that. I tell you, we have to move on, it’s a bad decision, we’ve made it. As for ummiti, I must say that he has shortcomings like others, but it’s unfair to oppose him because we lost and we all won. ”

Koeman also referred to the arbitration of mateu lahoz and regretted Suso’s failure to take a penalty against Jordi alba. “On the whole, he’s good, even though people are always suspicious of penalties. Everyone told me it was a penalty, but it wasn’t just Barcelona. I don’t know why VAR has no value in the game. “They made a lot of fouls, smart fouls, but they defended well and are a great team,” commented the Dutch technician.

“At home, we can do anything. The children are fine and I don’t see any reason to change them. I can’t see the team is tired because we pushed it to the last second of the game. I’m happy with the team. I’m very impressed with the performance of this team in the game. “Our ongoing travel and games…” he said he didn’t see any problems with his team in the duel with PSG. “I don’t think that will happen. It’s a game we’ll think about. We’ve won a lot of games since January and I’m really going to trade this one for another because it’s a semi-final, but there are still 90 minutes to play, “Koman concluded.

“We are still in the playoff period. We didn’t do anything, we had to finish the last pass at Camp Nou. But we’ve forgotten about the game and we’re focused on the game against huska. “Our mentality in this team is game by game,” said lopegi. “They have the best players in the world and it’s normal for us to create opportunities. They have their own choices, but we played a great game, which has been forgotten, and we focused on the game against huska, “repeated a cautious lopegi.

“It’s a bad result, but there are still games and knockouts. This season we have proved that the spirit of this team is very strong, we will see the result of the game, but we believe we can make a comeback, Barcelona fans can rest assured that we will try our best, “said de Jong, who can not play his ability as before. “It’s a very difficult game, especially in the first time, we may not get the penalty,” the Dutch midfield added.

“Everything goes wrong, they have an advantage in midfield and we can’t fight back. “Yes, Leo’s first chance made us stand up, but then we were quickly picked by Sevilla and we couldn’t turn the tables,” PEDRI said, referring to the match between alba and Suso. “I don’t know if it was a penalty from alba. VaR is the decisive factor. The remaining 90 minutes are too long, too long. We finished the grenade game in three minutes and I think there are still many games to play.

“Zero is important, we played a full game. We played a very good first game and we suffered more in the second because we lost a lot of goals and they were crammed in more. “But we didn’t fit in, we came in second,” said kunder, the author of Sevilla’s first goal. “This is the work of all these results. Everyone is very clear about the plan that Mr. Wang wants us to make. He played very well, we were defending inside, which is where they like to combine with Messi, but there is still one lap left, which is not complete, “the Frenchman added, referring to his goal:” at the beginning of the game, I lost the ball, but Fernando gave me a block to get it back. Then I made a dribble and the result was good. It’s a shot I like to practice because I know I can get into the attack zone in the game