Jorge De Frutos, The Influence Of The Best Assistant

2021-02-10   |   by CusiGO

Without the negative effects of the pandemic, Segovia’s bar FAUSTINO will be packed with specials and refrigerators, allowing neighbors to meet in the room in front of the TV. On screen, his best neighbor, Jorge de frutos, a player from Levante, will play the player in the Cup semi-final (21:00, 4 / dazn) on Thursday. Val è ncia maritime District, 470 kilometers away, is rooted in club granota, and navares de medio is emotionally linked with the image of fruit. At 5 Church Street, the gambler’s parents, FAUSTINO and Maria Jesus, run the only bar in the town, and the residents sit there, waiting for the cure and curfew, to see what laliga feels like.

Defrutos is the pride of a small town with only 100 residents near Sepulveda. “His parents live here. “In addition to Real Madrid or Atletico, the neighbors have become Levante fans,” said Lara fern á ndez, an administrative assistant who answers the country’s phone calls while working at city hall. “De frutos is a friend of my nephew. A good boy, polite and kind. The pride of the people, “said apostila.

Segovia winger arrived at Valencia from Real Madrid this summer. Levant paid a fixed fee of 2 million euros for 50% of its rights, which could increase by 500000 euros if it eventually reached a series of variables. He signed for five years.

Granota’s Technical Secretariat is financially constrained by epidemics and stadium projects, focusing on the potential of the 23-year-old attacking midfield, who played for Castilla in majada bendare in 2018. Last season, he spent half a season in Valladolid, where he didn’t play. Another season, he was in real Vallecano, where he played the leading role.

Paco L ó PEZ sought to strengthen the flank of the right wing attack after the crushing defeat of hernani in Portugal. His overflow and speed were in line with his characteristics. In the pre-season duel, he has shown the talent and ability of offensive space, but his surprise attack on the 11th was arranged by the coach step by step until the team began to suffer casualties. Without rocina, the campaign and Baldi, fruit began to accumulate more time. He played 20 games in laliga, eight starts and 1000 minutes throughout the season. Two goals, he scored in front of Getafe and the Royal Society, although his statistics showed that he was the best passer in the game, with six assists, the same as Iago ASPAs, Marcos Lorente and Correa, who were in sharp contrast, though with less playing time.

There’s an action that defines it. Facing Valladolid, in the 20th game with 2-2 draw, Segovia in the right to catch the ball, ignited his strong second half of the train. His career tried to get rid of Bruno, but he couldn’t beat him. From frutos, attracted three opposite people, he came to the top of the area, where he saw Dani Gomez, he scored. A few seconds later, he asked for a replacement after sciatica. He missed two games and returned to Granada when he left last Saturday. He played in the 64th minute, and two minutes later he drove and scored for Morales. In San Mames, his whole village is waiting in a big game for his club, and de frutos wants to push Levante to a milestone.