The International Olympic Committee Condemns Sexist Remarks By Organizers Of The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

2021-02-09   |   by CusiGO

Baron Pierre de Coubertin invented the Olympic Games as a pure male space so that young people who later had to fight could enjoy exercise and strength. The conquest of the Olympic space by women and women’s sports is slow and unfinished. At the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896, none of the 245 competitors was female. On a modern day like Barcelona in 1992, less than 30% of the nearly 10000 athletes were female (2708 women). The International Olympic Committee (IOC) estimates that Paris will achieve full equality in 2024 (10570 athletes, 5235 women and many other men are expected), but IOC members, most of whom are men, are still proud to announce at the Lausanne headquarters that, Tokyo’s data for 2021 will be very close to that, with women accounting for 48.6%.

However, yoshir ō mori, chairman of the Tokyo organizing committee, does not seem to fully share the joy of equality. He seems to believe that women do not even have the right to sit at the executive committee or board table. In 2001, she attended a meeting of the board of directors of the Japanese Olympic Committee a few days ago. At the meeting, she said: “in the meeting with many women, the meeting has become very long. If you increase the number of female executives but don’t control the time they are allowed to speak, it’s hard for them to complete their speeches, which is annoying. They like to compete with each other. ” In the Executive Committee of the Japanese Olympic Committee, there are only five women out of 24 members, and the meeting is discussing the request to increase the quota for women. Among the 36 members of the organizing committee, which is chaired by Yoshiro Mori, only seven are women.

Although Yoshiro Mori quickly apologized in his own way at a press conference – “I’m sorry,” he said, and then when asked if he really thought women were talking too much, he replied, “I don’t know, I haven’t heard very well lately…”, a popular resignation request was quickly answered Among the 136000 signatures, the International Olympic Committee issued another statement on Tuesday, saying Mori’s comments were “totally inappropriate and in contradiction with the IOC’s commitment and the reform on the 2020 agenda.”. However, since the IOC, no one has asked him to resign.

At the same time, Japanese media reported that Mori wanted to resign as soon as he saw the extent of his mistakes, but they persuaded Mori not to leave his own Committee. First of all, CEO Takeo. “When I proposed to resign, I looked around and those who didn’t speak cried,” Mori said, according to media reports. “It was taketo who convinced me to move on. He said if I left, what would happen to the 5000 people who made up the organism…”

Mut ō’s latest public relations campaign on behalf of the organizing committee is to send an apology email to nearly 80000 volunteers in Tokyo in 2020, some of whom resigned after Yoshiro Mori made a statement. “Our vision is diversity and harmony,” the email said, according to Kyodo news agency. “We want to have an event designed to reflect a society in which all our differences are considered natural.”