Pedley, Class And Many Cuts

2021-02-09   |   by CusiGO

Koeman was clear and decisive when he finished (0-2) at Elche on January 24. “Derong is in the lead, Busquets is close, how about Pedley… Yes, we found our midfield Pedro Gonz รก lez, tegueste, Tenerife; 18 years old, in three seasons, he changed from youth team to second place (Las Palmas), now in Barcelona, he has 11 points with his own results, becoming the best rookie of laliga. Your signing is going to fail.

The story begins with the economic problems of Las Palmas, which had to be sold two years ago to make up for these figures. Rocco Maiorino, then sports director, called Barcelona’s technical Secretary Ramon plans and other clubs. Even technician Pepe Mel called Butragueno and Cedo – on Madrid’s organizational chart – to reconsider (he was rejected after testing a year ago) because PEDRI’s pre-season game was to eliminate hiccups. But it was Barcelona who really took action and it took them a few days to reach an agreement. If it took so long, it was because some managers refused to start, worried about spending $5 million.

Although President Las Palmas said a few weeks ago that Barca could pay $35 million for PEDRI, this is not the case. When you play 100 games with the first team, up to $18 million, go to the national team and win the championship. In the dressing room, they don’t hesitate. “After several training sessions, we realized he had a lot of football and we understood him,” praised one of the players in the dressing room. Koeman was grateful for the same thing. When he arrived, he told him he had hardly seen him, but he had a chance to play in the preseason. A few weeks later, he admitted that he had a talent. Although it needs polishing.

Offensive pass

As a result, the technicians and the sports community worried about the lack of jobs and decided that Pedley and the young people in the first team (as well as team B’s Electrolux, Corrado and Conrad, not to mention the coach) would work in sports city two afternoons a week. It seems to work; Petrie has the ball not only on his feet, but also in the defensive phase. For example, in terms of competition, he has 12 steals, which is Barcelona’s second biggest score of the season. Alba was promoted by 13 points before Elche, and the League record was demohica (Elche), with 17 points. In addition, he was 10th in laliga, the most stolen in another game (2.4 per conflict), and the most stolen in Guevara (Royal Society) and gona ons (Granada), with 2.9 per duel. Not only that, he was the fourth player with the most passes in laliga, with Messi leading (32.5 points) in the last third (27.1 points / nwitt). “Pedley’s future,” Coleman defined, “is important even now.”

Pedley has no doubt. “At Barcelona it’s like someone gives me a ball every day. There’s nothing better than that, and that’s why I have to enjoy it,” he said, as shy off the pitch as on the lawn. One of the club’s scouts said: “he’s a happy man, everything is good, it’s simple. He’s mentally strong. A great mix. ” He’s already the main player for Barcelona – he’s rejected offers from bolusia menzien, Gladbach, PSV, especially Bayern Munich – and he’s Messi’s best partner.