The Biggest Goal In League History

2021-02-08   |   by CusiGO

On February 8, 1931, the famous actress Aurora Redondo and her husband valerian Le ó n bid farewell in Bilbao, where they achieved great success at the Campos El í SEOs Teatro. Their work is called “long live, my people”. At the Albian arena, the premiere of Greta Garbo’s film kiss is being announced, and the newspaper remembers that the next day, white week began at the Simeon department store at 4 Cruz street.

When the bilbains left home to buy a newspaper, sports managers gathered in the office of heltado de amezaga, anxiously staring at the window to see the weather, but the dark clouds threatened rain, which heralded Barcelona’s visit to San Francisco Moms, they’re going to retire soon, and they’re going to spend the whole morning in the sun instead.

So at the time of the game, at 3:30 p.m., the stadium was almost on the outskirts of Bilbao at that time, showing an awe inspiring appearance, full of impact on Azur grana team, which has become a classic game. Frederick biconsfield Puntland decided to include Augustin sauto in the sports lineup. He was known as a robe since he was a child because one day he wanted to go downstairs to play football with his friends and wear his mother’s bodyguard.

Bata wasn’t in the starting line-up, but unanono, the usual center, was injured, so Puntland gave him the chance. On May 11, 1908, Augustine was born in the most symbolic street of balacaldo. He is the son of a housewife and a master of reversible products in a large blast furnace factory. He started playing football in the barracks camp until they were engulfed by the expansion of the factory where his father worked. Then he signed up at the sports league near St. Vincent. He became famous for his goals and moved to nearby cantabra de Castro urdiales in the summer, where he was paid 50 peseta for every goal he scored in the local team.

He signed Barakaldo, founded by Nicolas Redondo, the father of UGT union members, the grandfather of a socialist politician, and continued bowling. He scored profitable goals with Valladolid or huska. Real Madrid are very attractive to him, but he is full of suspense about the player’s transfer because there is a tug of war about the transfer. The difference between a thousand pesetas is what Barakaldo wants and the athlete intends to pay. In the end, the Bilbao paid 4000 pesetas and played a friendly match in Lhasa. Bata began to collect 750 pesetas a month.

On February 8, 1931, the 90th anniversary, he left. He scored seven goals in Barcelona, which is the most shocking and never exceeded goal in the history of the League: athletics, 12 points; Barcelona, 1 point. The goalkeeper of the Rossoneri is ispizua, the defender is Castellanos and urquesou, the midfield is picci, mugelza and Roberto, and the forward is ilaragori, Bata, Chiri and gorostiza. Ten biscans and a gypsy GIANO from Ebar, Jose mugelza, will be Atletico Madrid’s striker in a few years, Jose urosio gallat.

The protagonist is Bata, but there is also noges, the goalkeeper of Barcelona, who scored seven goals. “But I saw his face and I was desperate,” admitted the striker a few years later. “I’m sad. If not, I’ll give you 12. ” In terms of competition, they also include gorestiza, Lafuente, picci, Barcelona tailor and iragori. Navarro goibrou got too much blue. They claimed in Barcelona that the key to the game was that Marty was injured in the 18th minute and that his team had 10 players without any change.

Bata was a pre war player who won four leagues and four trophies, but resigned after the civil war when the club asked him to join. He decided not to: “he has a bar, a job, a wife and a daughter.” He played. Barakaldo, no charge. He played for Spain, scoring 105 goals in 118 games, but his best day was February 8, 1931. I’m 90 years old.