Molde Hoffenheim, From The European League, Will Play At Villarreal.

2021-02-08   |   by CusiGO

UEFA announced on Monday that molde of Norway and Hoffenheim of Germany will hold the singles match of the eighth European Union final at the ceramic stadium in Villarreal at 9 pm on February 18. As a result of the epidemic and subsequent regulations into Norway, the conference moved to Spain. The yellow submarine will play 8 / 7 one-way at Salzburg stadium, and the Germans will accept their decision in their stadium seven days after the duel between molde and Hoffenheim.

UEFA thanks molde and Hoffenheim for their “close cooperation and support in finding a solution, as well as the help and agreement of the Spanish Real Football Federation and Villarreal to host the game”. The competition will be held on February 25 at the Rhine NECA arena at Hoffenheim stadium.

This is a similar example of Leipzig Liverpool. Due to the government’s restrictions on tourists from the UK, Leipzig Liverpool can not play in Germany. The game will eventually be held in the Pascal arena in Belgrade. There are still several games waiting to be found in other places in case the time limit is lifted, such as Atletico Chelsea or real society Napoli.