Finally, Tennis

2021-02-08   |   by CusiGO

A few days passed, a month and a half passed, until it was announced that the match would be postponed for three weeks because of the noise and the scarcity of tennis matches. When the flu pandemic, the virus will spread. In the opening speech of the Australian Open, there is already gasoline. There are gels, masks, potions, positives, false positives, complaints, friction between players and last-minute alarms everywhere. There are also some unusual scenes, in which professionals are locked up in four walls Two weeks have passed, an exhausting game has passed, the game has come in the past five days, there is no natural transition to anything great. Everything was in a hurry, decorated with ballpoint pens.

However, despite all the incarnations and endless runruns – understandably, in a way, given the content of the circus that has moved 1200 people from all over the world in this dark epidemic – tennis is already here. last.

Craig tIley, the competition manager, and his team remained vigilant, using all five senses to keep the last minute of the game, but the atmosphere of the game started all over again. With dad state – Australia has been a model in curbing coved – monitor what happened to the last millimeter. The reaction of tennis players’ body and instinct at this point remains to be seen. They are ready for the game. They have not properly adjusted the winding stage in Melbourne, where there is also 40 degree water pouring down, especially the 72 tennis players who have been locked up for 15 days without exception.

These differences present an unexpected and unbalanced situation. The bubble designed by the organization sparked a class struggle, while some (those who completed the segregation in Adelaide, two tour characters) enjoyed privileges that others (in Melbourne) lacked. Similarly, discontent spreads among teams, and the difference between players – training shifts, materials, even room surfaces – depends on their ranking. In any case, the entire racket family is celebrating a grand slam that has cost the world.

In this game, Federer was full of attraction, but it didn’t appear on the poster. The Swiss don’t play, but if Nadal (20 majors, like the Swiss) and Novak Djokovic (17) take part, another chapter in the great career of history will come. Four months ago, mallocan set a world record in Paris. He had to shoot alone. Judging from the number, who was the best in the match? Basel spoiled his right knee on the sofa at home.

Yes, it’s not a very good El Bali Ali, affected by the last setback. Ten days ago, his waist began to ache, and although he had not played in any official competition before (yes, there was one), he said the problem had not been completely solved and he was very uncomfortable. “I did a progressive preseason and everything went well. It was good for me to come here, but then it all passed and the good feeling became a problem, “he explained on Sunday. “It’s not a serious problem because I’ve done the relevant tests, but I didn’t get all the improvements I wanted and didn’t feel good,” he said.

Nadal will face the Serb Laszlo Geer (25, ATP 56th) the next morning (no earlier than 5:30, Eurosport), and Melbourne final garbine muguruza will face Russian Margarita gasparjan (26 / 125) at 1:00 on the same day. “I don’t usually play the week before a grand slam, but I’ve got a lot of positive things this week. “I will try to maintain that level, I will play one game at a time, I won’t look further,” the Spanish Venezuelan said after losing 7-6 (3) and 6-4 to number one Ashley Batti in the final of the classic valley of Yarra.

The champions of Roland Garros (2016) and Wimbledon (2017) are energetic and eager to regain their status from Conchita Martinez. On the illegible table of women’s tennis, she was on time. Fortunately, he will be able to play in Melbourne and what he sees is not uncommon.