Exercise Is Not Immune

2021-02-08   |   by CusiGO

When nothing stopped Atletico, Celtic equalised the leader in the last minute. No matter the coronavirus caused many casualties, or kudet team’s advantage in the first half, it seems that they can not prevent another red and white victory. After Suarez’s two goals, Atletico Madrid completed a life and death training, but Celtic’s second goal let him down. Barcelona and Real Madrid are now two and eight points behind, but they have one more game to play.

At the beginning, Lemar’s positive attitude forced Simon to drive Saul out of the left lane and give way to Lodi, and reposition the steering wheel of cantrano in the midfield next to Kirk and condobia. This last positive hit produced by the British strain of the coved-19 has affected many of the core players who have more weight with the ball in the team’s game. In addition to Lemar, there is also erera, who is as active and beautiful as the Frenchman Joe Felix. Due to his weak innovation ability in backcourt, central circulation and attacking hot spots, the leader showed how he intended to clench his teeth in the game on his first attack. He was praised for his long-term abuse of the ball and his eagerness to contact Luis Suarez.

What Atletico doesn’t have is kudet’s Celtic. A small number of resourceful football players are willing to make an era for the game. Denis Suarez, Tapia, Bryce Mendez, NORITO and Iago ASPAs dueled for him in the shadow of Hugo Marlow and Aaron Martin. A rope was only worn on NORITO’s bangs, and three red and white centers were not present. This time the combination came out of Hugo Marlow’s right trunk. Santi Mina, after describing Philip’s downhill slide from behind, did make the right header. The Brazilian center has nothing to do with being named the team’s best defender last season. ASPAs, especially sandy Mina, drove him crazy. The yellow one he saw and his rot would eventually make him sit on the bench and rest.

This will only expand Celtic’s advantage. Kudet’s football player hid the ball. They let Atletico compete, and when they lost control of the ball, they didn’t give it any air or space. Under his football rule, he didn’t go too far, but he continued that the game was his. Atletico’s lack of Virgo makes Correa the only imbalance. He didn’t scratch the Celtic with the leather at all. Until the half-time, Lodi was waiting for Reuben’s serve in midfield. Between condobia and Correa, where ligura was the first to bear the brunt, Lorente quickened the pace and finally handed over Luis Suarez from one center to the second. There, the Uruguayan slipped on the grass and shot with his legs outstretched, ahead of Hugo Malo. A dazzling sequence, a vertical frame, very suitable for Atletico’s player image on the court.

Despite the draw, Simone did not underestimate Celtic’s obvious advantage. He asked Philip to sit down and use torela as the escort of condobia, Saul and cork to recover the 4-4-2. Go back to quartrivote and get immediate rewards. Kondogbia made a good opening speech for Lodi’s game. The Brazilian sewed a centering ball in the core area without losing the ball. There, Luis Suarez reigned again. It was another goal from his 16th goal in 19 games.

The match between torrera and condobia has already begun. When Iago ASPAs was about to execute obrak, the Central Africans quickly returned to avoid a draw. In Simon’s view, it might strengthen him. The landscape has a red and white Victoria. Almost nothing happened in both areas and the goalkeepers didn’t stop. Until the last minute, ASPAs passed the ball to Solari, who passed it to Ferreira with the goal of a center.