Wales To Hold Veterans’ Derby

2021-02-07   |   by CusiGO

Allen Wayne Jones will take part in his 153rd international game on Sunday, his first spectator free game in Cardiff’s Millennium Garden. He was black eyed after being punched and kicked in the trauma of his partner Jake ball’s nth war. Ireland captain Jonathan sexton, 35, wants to play in the 2023 World Cup. They are two of the oldest players in six countries and the model of their choice, committed to delaying generational change. Wales won the game and won time after the Irishman was expelled early. At least before she visits Edinburgh. If England opened the door for the challenger in the defeat to Scotland, neither Wales nor Ireland would accept the offer.

This game is a fight against time. In both teams, there are nine players aged 32 or over, not in Italy, England or France. Their average age (27.3 in Wales and 27.5 in Ireland) is self-evident. Wales won the 15th most international place in history (874). They all limit the risk of playing; a lot of kicking and a short period, waiting for the opponent’s mistakes to win. There was no rhythm in the game, so Dan lediat left the court with a serious knee injury. His return after two years of absence illustrates coach Wayne pivak’s appeal to the old regime.

After a while, action comes, and that will change the game. Not the way it was planned. Forward Peter o’mahoney involuntarily entered Luke’s penalty area and hit him on the shoulder with Thomas Francis’s head. Wayne burns discovered these facts in his TV judge, and had no choice but to fire him. Wales didn’t do anything from the other world, but took advantage of Ireland’s mistakes to win 6-0.

So Ireland challenges the digital disadvantage. He began to rule the area, even without income. Wales is disciplined about the invasion of the green party. Chapter 15 of clover describes him in a short sequence. Iain Henderson is a hybrid between the second and third lines, and his outs cover position and midfield. His back, a powerful Robbie Henshaw, supports the cargo on the open field. At that time, if someone seems to have 14 players, it’s the 15th dragon.

Wales lost control in a non-existent attack, a discipline that allowed them to withstand 19 stages of attack without wavering. Fouls start to appear in Ireland, who don’t forgive one meter, already staring at the stick. Two Sextons tied, and Welsh defense turned into a pie. Henshaw broke some warm boards and took off the red decorations. He used the highway of Josh van der flier to crash and stay one meter away from the rehearsal; Tadhg Beirne accompanied him to pick up the oval and pose. Local people began to go crazy, and the two were trapped under the attack of Henderson Hercules. Half time (6-13) was a relief for the 15 player team.

Wales are happy to exchange kicks and believe the Irishman’s tiredness will provide him with a tray duel. His attack is still inaccurate, handball errors, including 22 opponents. They need a counterattack to wake up. Ireland lost the ball in a sprint. In these games, navidi grabbed a loose ball and helped George north, who started the thruster before James law turned his head. Byrne tried to calm the desperate man down, but he couldn’t find such a horizontal wing at full speed.

Ireland has lost its blood vessels, its forehead is beginning to choke, there is no omahani. Wales made a loud noise after a penalty kick, and the only way the green party could do it was to knock it down. In the following series of competitions, the locals used the advantage of the right side to make rookie Louis Rees Zammit skillfully pose – flon goes all out – on the wing and let his own people direct the competition.

Although the Welsh team played with another team for more than an hour, until the last game, the Welsh team let the game go on. An article in Ireland overturned the game, but the green party did not find a magic breakthrough in the face of such credit as Gladiator Jones. At the same time, Sexton took a punch in the head at the end of the game, which was not the first time that he was shocked. His baton Billy burns played the bottom line in the 84th minute, which was a penalty. After the game, his students will be sent off 5 meters away from the winning division. So the last attack was imaginary. He was aware of his mistake and tearful. Generations have to wait.