There’S Too Much Barty.

2021-02-07   |   by CusiGO

He rode a rocket until he met Ashley batty. An extraordinary comeback for the Australian, who has been out of competition for 11 months, this week returned with the same confidence that he left almost a year ago. In front of the Australian Open, the first place winner became a candidate in the final of the classic valley of Yala, One of the preliminaries before the first Grand Slam of the season. It beat the Venezuelan Latino at 7-6 (3) and 6-4 (47m in 1 hour). Although it failed, it also conveyed a message that she was about to launch a powerful attack in Melbourne.

In the dynamics of the previous rounds, muguruza jumped onto the track and planned to take over the game from the first ball, playing deep and sharp; because it was good for him, he tried to impose a direct game, which would not give batty time to think. In fact, the Australian has a right solution compendium and a very complete tennis, coupled with unparalleled cunning. She has a good understanding of the line and the situation of the game, so if one is interested in accelerating, the other will pull the handbrake.

Driven by their opponents, the Australian proposed to slow down the pace of the game by one or two steps. He uses the volley backhand to prevent muguruza from finding the right position, thus bringing her pulse to the place she is most interested in, that is to say, having a long and difficult communication. Batty (11 trumps, despite his height of 1.66 meters) twisted his wrist well and recovered his tactics and mood. He counterattacked and balanced the break in the third game, but the story goes from one power to another. The Spanish Venezuelan gave him another tooth, which seems to be the result of the first game.

However, with the end of the 5-4 and serve game, muguruza lost to Poso, then batty signed a blank game and returned to the discussion of the starting line-up. At the beginning of the game, he took a bite four times in a row, and then firmly grasped the sleeve. The beginning of the second game was also affected by the potholes, and he was still thinking about how to miss the opportunity. Although he fell and hit the ball twice, he did not lose the face of the game at any time. Latino Venezuelans stepped forward, fought back, and even changed electronic devices from 0-1 to 4-3, but…

There’s too much Barty. Worried about the epidemic, Roland Garros, 24, of Australia, gave up her trip to New York and Paris nearly a year after she left the competition. She held an exhibition in Adelaide last week and won the title of change for the first time. Obviously, it’s a big game that starts on Monday (Sunday morning, Spanish).

Muguruza did well in the game. He only lost 10 games in the last game, which proves that the foundation of pre-season is solid and he is hungry. With a positive injection, the engine is ready. Get ready to play in Russia’s Margarita gaspayan on Tuesday. Now it’s the turn of the 15th place in the world to go to another stage and win the award again, because their last trophy was held in Monterey on April 9, 2019. He tapped in Melbourne’s last game, which has now begun.