“The Squad Is For The Cup”

2021-02-07   |   by CusiGO

When Messi is on the bench or not, you can count on his hand, a world-class player, to be able to walk and solve problems like everyone else. This season, for example, he took a break in Europe against Fernando varos and Dynamo Kiev, because the team did not lose in Europe, while two of nvites (Ebar and real society) were absent due to injuries. He saw a red card in the Super Cup final and was used to rolling on the grass. He was surprised that he didn’t play in Benito villamarin’s game, but it didn’t matter because he could turn the game around in half an hour, In this game, trinko did well in the game, and he eventually became a shooter.

Messi also took a break from the beginning of the game against Betis (5-2). Then, just like this time, he beat his opponent in a few minutes, because he scored two goals, gave grizman another goal, and PEDRI started as he does now. Trichon admitted: “Messi’s ability in another game forces you to play further and pay more attention to your attack.”. Betis forward. Pointing to Coleman, he came up with a verbally requested plan.

He decided to put the technician’s trophy at the top of laliga’s list. “The lineup is really a bit like a cup game, because we play Sevilla on Wednesday, we have to keep fit physically,” admitted the coach, “but it’s also because of our wear and tear. We’ve played 11 games since January and trophies are the shortest way to win That’s why Koeman approached Leo after training on Saturday in the semi-final singles match against Sanchez pizoan on Wednesday. “Of course, I talked to him about giving him a break, and if we need to, I’ll let him play. He did, and after a few minutes he changed the game with goals, bringing a lot of games to Barcelona,” the Dutchman said happily.

Coleman made it very clear. “It’s always better to be with Messi. He’s the best in the world, and his efficiency over the years has proved that, as he did before Betis, he’s vital to this team Although he doesn’t know if he will renew his contract at the end of the course, he is angry about the current situation of the club and is likely to leave freely under the contract.

The next thing to be confirmed is trinc à o, who finally succeeded in the auction. “I’ve been close in the last few games. He deserves it, we are very happy and I hope he can achieve more. “I don’t need him because I’ve done my job in attack and defense,” said the Portuguese winger, shy in front of the camera but popular in the dressing room because no one forgot to congratulate him. “I’m happy for the team and the victory.”

After the game, before trichon stood in front of the microphone, Coleman approached him, hugged him and wiggled his hair. Rousseau couldn’t help laughing. “He was out of luck when he shot and didn’t get hit by lightning. “He’s a young player and he’s come to a very great team,” added Koeman. “He’s a decisive player and it’s a good thing that he feels important. He had to learn because he was young, but the goals gave him courage and morale. I like Francisco as a player and this goal is another step forward

In the end, he scored with a beautiful shot, and the ball touched the ground in front of the net and got everyone’s embrace. “They gave me a lot of encouragement and help. “I thank them,” said trinko, who maintained the team’s ambition. “We changed our attitude and we wanted to win,” he decided. “We have improved in attitude, character and desire to win, and when we don’t get results that are good for us, we will notice that,” mingeza said in the analysis

It takes skill and other things to beat Araujo because he didn’t have any of his 12 games and was finally broken by Kennedy the day before. In front of Betis, fakir tried, he wanted to stay, but Araujo was injured in the game because his left leg was back enough to bend his ankle. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but arauho wriggles painfully, demanding change. The club then reported that he had sprained his ankle and was waiting for further tests to determine the length of his absence. “We wanted to give him a break because he played almost every game and every minute… Unfortunately he was injured,” Koeman said. Another came down from the power station; the echo of this bar.

Sports tried to sign Eric Garcia (city) in the summer market, but failed by $5 million. He could sign another contract of about $10 million this winter. Even a presidential candidate (Victor Venter) improved the numbers because the players agreed not to charge until the next class, and the surgery would end at about three fixed points plus seven variables, which would not be paid before the next class. But other candidates (Laporta and frasa) understand that it is best not to buy sapphire at zero cost next season. “Everyone knows that I think there are weak links,” the technician assumed when talking about centers and hammers.

With pikui injured for a few months – he’s going to start training soon – ummiti didn’t play too many karelila games because of a knee injury. “Samuel’s physical condition has improved a lot,” Koeman praised him and then put him in front of the grenade. In front of the grenade, he made two mistakes and scored two goals. The Dutchman certainly didn’t like him, he didn’t even save him from the bench with alouho injured because Dejon was ahead of stegen. The bad news is Araujo’s absence, and the center won a seat on Koeman 11, which casts doubt on langlet’s ownership.