Nadal: “Feeling Is Not Ideal”

2021-02-07   |   by CusiGO

Until ten days ago, everything went well. Later, Nadal’s waist began to ache. Although he played in Adelaide, he didn’t play in the ATP Cup against Spain. So that’s not what the top 20 champion wants. He will make his debut in Tuesday’s duel against Sergio lasso Geer, who will finish game n in the process. There was no alarm, but the most important thing was to be careful. The Balearic indulged his back and expressed his feelings in the major’s preface, which began in Melbourne the next morning.

“Until ten days ago, almost everything was perfect. But two or three times before the Adelaide game, the problem started, even though he had a promise, he didn’t want to break it, “malokan said solemnly. “I did a progressive preseason and everything went well. It’s good that I came here, but then it happened, and the good feeling became a problem. When you go through the pain of the last 10 days and you can’t train as hard as you want, it gets more complicated, “he continued.

When asked what the disease was, Nadal (34) stressed that it was particularly important for him. “My muscles are too tense to move freely. He won’t let me develop the movement 100 percent, and he won’t force me, “he said. However, under the supervision of Francis Roig, he tried this strategy again in a recent training session and saw positive developments. “I went out again a few days later and felt better, but I was a little nervous,” he explained.

“It’s not a serious problem, because I’ve done the relevant tests, but I didn’t get everything I wanted. Our situation is very complicated now, I don’t want to go there; but after all, I won’t give up anything, I will try to give myself a chance to compete. Our goal is to get there by Tuesday. I’m worried, but I have experience in it. “All I can do is to do my best,” said the Spaniard, who will land at the Australian Open without taking part in any competition.

This is not a new situation, because manakol’s situation has not happened in three of the past four years. His last match was on November 22, when he lost to Russia’s Daniel Medvedev in the Masters Cup semi-final. Nadal then completed the pre-season at his Academy – “I have a good bag on my back” and flew to Adelaide on January 14, where he completed the quarantine of all tennis players. He was happy that 4000 people showed up on the stand and watched the ATP cup from the obstacle.

“It doesn’t feel very good, but since I’ve been doing the right thing for many weeks, if I can play more or less freely, I think I’ll feel good,” he concluded at a telematics conference where back conditions are almost strictly observed.