More Than A Month Ago

2021-02-07   |   by CusiGO

Anoeta’s game is a kind of torture for Cadiz and a blessing for the Royal Society. Three months later, the Royal Society returned to the road of victory and settled down in Europe. After the injury, David Silva returned to the game. Cadiz lost one player in the second game. The meeting in the first half of the year was decided by the problems arising from the arbitration process and the obvious weaknesses and bad moments of Andalusia as a whole. Cadiz correctly explained why Pizarro Gomes, always urged by the VaR led by mateu lahoz, inadvertently used Negredo’s hand as a penalty in one open space and zuberdia’s hand as a penalty in another open space. It took only four minutes between the two operations. The first one was the first goal of ayazabar. In the second game, Cadiz went from penalty to disappointment. No penalty is in the andalusians’ favour, they have been injured by arbitration decisions against them throughout the season.

The match also showed Real Madrid’s absolute advantage over Cadiz, which urgently needs a new one. De cevera has lost three consecutive games and won only one of the past nine (scoring 11 goals in the past three). After a five point downhill, Andalusia should rediscover their identity marks, which enabled them to respond to all sorts of strange things in the first stage of the championship. It’s OK to complain about possible mistakes, but it’s also necessary to self criticize the amazing decline in device performance.

Cadiz has currently injured key players such as Jonson, while he was forced to put an extreme, Giro, left hander because of his injuries in the last round. Because of the misfortune of the arbitration award and the loss of identity, Cadiz can easily become a victim of a royal society well managed by oalzabar and Merino. The couple with talent and goals are perfectly supported by Isaac’s speed. The Swedes are a torment for Carla and Marcos Mauro.

Oalzabar scored a penalty, where he was absolutely right, then played after a precise pass by Merino. Again and again, the royal family destroyed the defense of Cadiz. On the verge of half-time, Marcos Mauro had to knock him down when oyalzabar entered the Ledesma area. Pizarro g รณ mez was once again warned by VAR because he first appeared yellow and eventually expelled the city center of Cadiz. He looked slow and had little contact with his companion Cara.

The second game was a torment for the andalusians, who put down their hands and began to score one goal after another. Isaac took the position of the goal winner from ayalzabal, and the Swede scored two more goals. Jero shortened the distance on the score, but Real Madrid, with David Silva back, accumulated again and again. Melquelanz saw one of his goals offset by a millimeter offside and Ledesma saw a great stop loss on his header. The game, defined in the first act, is to come to an end, to rest from a completely conquered Cadiz, where he changed Reuben’s nephew’s maiden work and gave more consideration to his next duel with the athletic team. Royal, very superior, breathing in the Highlands after this important victory.