Messi Ignites A Trinc À O

2021-02-07   |   by CusiGO

It will be difficult for Barcelona to play laliga in the cup and championship. The competition goes on endlessly and the injuries multiply. In a tournament dominated by an iron hand, efforts and resources must be well managed. We have no choice but to put the game first and put players like Messi first. Fortunately, he spent half an hour with the captain to catch up with the Smurfs and fight against Betis.

The arrival of rosarino has demoralized vidi Blanco, and the Barcelona people have also cheered up, even the spirit of trinko. The Portuguese signed him for the first time as a Barcelona player. In a winning streak hosted by football writer fakir and substitute Messi, I scored more goals than I did.

The focus is on the bench, because if the lineup has a say, rotation can lead to a heated debate, especially when coaches are as aggressive as Pellegrini and Koeman. Vidiblanco retained canales, a character of laliga. Azul grana gave up Messi, PEDRI and Dejon, which is the Delta on which Barcelona football depends, and retained arauho. It’s not easy to make the right changes even when resources are scarce, because the Uruguayan was injured in 10 minutes, and the technicians prefer to replace Dejon rather than ummiti.

Barcelona don’t stand well, especially on the right. Minguiza and dembelle have poor defense. Alex Moreno has always set up a center in the area of testegan. Despite grizman’s interest in controlling villamarin’s game, azzur grana’s defense is unstable, and the attack lacks depth and balance. Azzur grana people have not given up control of the party, and their speed seems to even surpass Betis’s. The best arrivals, however, wore green signatures until lenglet missed a public auction during a sprint at pianci.

The fuzziness of sapphire appears repeatedly in the loss, which is in sharp contrast to fakir’s foresight. The Frenchman hit Betis with his pass. At the start of the 1-0 game, fequille opened a hole on the right side of Emerson’s arrival and the midfield was occupied by bolja Iglesias. Despite their persistence, piyanic and Ricky Puig failed to get in touch with their team in the game, shaved off in both areas and unable to score between Joel’s three clubs. Koman had no choice but to turn to Pedley. This change inspired Barcelona, and even mingeza tested Joel.

Barcelona set up camp at the vidibranca stadium, and with the help of Betis, he scored a second goal in the back of the field. The solution to the game is to be at the delicate feet of fan Mi’s assistant fekir, under the pressure of ter stegen, until Messi appears. No. 10 can level the score with his left hand at the entrance of the penalty area without touching the ball after receiving a pass from dembelle. Rosarino is very comfortable at villamarin, Betis is very scared, he will be defeated in any known or surprising game, just like 1-2.

Goal in front of his own goal: Messi opened the door for alba, which is the routine of victory and defeat, with the centre back shooting with grizman’s legs before the match against Ruiz and Joel. However, Messi didn’t do enough in defense and assists. He found himself behind in the 2-2 game. Victor Ruiz corrected himself with a score of 1-2. He threw a foul from fakir, and Busquets clumsily gave him one. The game then turned to Betis and entered the canal and Roland stage.

Even Pedley was forced to play at the wonderful steggen stadium. However, Messi didn’t give up his confidence in an unexpected victory, which was won by three left handers. He needed Barcelona’s most controversial headlines, Messi, PEDRI and Deron, to reverse his conflict with the substitutes and, on the other hand, to increase his sixth consecutive victory in one area, No one is happier than Coleman.