Levante Claims The Spanish Cup Is Free

2021-02-07   |   by CusiGO

Levante Cup semi-final qualification is reminiscent of his request for the 1937 free Spanish cup, which was not officially recognized by the Federation. It’s a hell of a story.

When the war comes, the rhythm of football is like this: it starts with regional Championships, then leagues, then cups, with regional champions and runners up.

The war took place in July 1936, just after the end of the football season and the end of the cup (Madrid 2, Barcelona 1).

With the war, the people’s front captured the Union and its president. The new president, Jos é Mar í a mengual, will send a notice to all regions on October 3, 1936 (Franco is close to Madrid), signed by Minister Ricardo Cabot, to suspend the competition season of “all official competitions in the country”. It will not be overthrown in the whole war. The Federation is still dormant, only its secretary, Ricardo Cabot, who has settled in Barcelona, will try to keep a small flame and keep in touch with FIFA. (a very efficient person who will remain in power after the war until he retires in his 50s.)

Regional Championships (depending on your Federation) are held where you can play. Where there is no war, for mutual understanding. Catalonia and Valencia are like that. The top two, therefore, are the Spaniard and Barcelona on the one hand and Hercules and Valencia on the other if they are eligible for the cup.

Without a league, teams from two regions, as well as Valencia president Rodr í Guez Tortajada, are pushing for a Mediterranean League of four Catalans, according to Cabot: Barcelona, spaghetti, Girona and Granos, as well as four Valencians, Valencia, Levante, Castillon and gymnasts. The latter, a Valencia club, will merge with Levante CF in 39 to form Levante sports gymnastics federation. The name of the Levant prevailed, but he wore the blue and brown of a gymnast.

The Mediterranean Union runs from 31 January to 2 May. Barcelona won this victory, and he raised some funds during his trip to the United States in the same month, which were deposited in Paris and will be used for post-war reconstruction.

Rodriguez totajada then went back to the Mediterranean with the usual push in previous years. He agreed with Cabot to call it the mare nostrum cup, which was later replaced by the free Spanish cup. Try to recruit four teams. If there is no bar, Girona comes in. Hercules refused because of the long journey, while totazada went to Levant CF and gymnasium. They didn’t have the strength either, but eventually Levant CF accepted, even though several gymnasts strengthened their strength. In order not to let the champion end with a sigh, it is organized with a four-point ball, and the final is between the top two. It starts on June 6 and ends on June 11 in the following order: Levante CF, Valencia, Espanyol and Girona.

The final will be held on July 18, the first anniversary of the military uprising and coup. Valencia is the place where the government of the Republic was founded, because Madrid has been the front line since November, it is afraid of bombing, so the final will be held in saria in Barcelona, the atmosphere is not good. He beat Levante 1-0 with Gaspar Rubio and Ernesto Carpe (the father of Madrid winger YeYe). President Azania of the Republic donated a trophy but did not attend. He held a rally in Valencia that day. A few years ago, the Spanish national championship, the presidential cup of the Republic, didn’t work. This is another trophy, and its final name is the Spanish free cup – the presidential trophy of the Republic. Only the first thing appears on the inscription. He will turn himself in later at a friendly celebration between Levant and the gymnasts.

There’s no record of that cup. Either not, or not saved. The press, especially the sports circles, reported its development in detail.

At the beginning of this century, the Levant historian Emilio Nadal was interested in the United left of Valencia. In this way, he came to court and asked for federal approval. Villar declined after collecting the report.

The key argument is that it was not organized by the Federation, but by Valencia. In addition, only four teams from two cities participated, and players from other clubs often fled from the conflict zone.

Levante insists that he believes that the custody of current President Robert Cabot has given the world cup its official status, that its defect is the characteristic of a state of war, and that it advocates the advantages of holding the world cup under such circumstances, and condemns the infringement compared with the 1939 World Cup, Although Madrid, Asturias and the Mediterranean coast team did not participate, but was approved. He cites a recent FIFA decision, considering that world clubs play only the intercontinental champions of Europe and the United States.