Eight Fingers Elite Tennis

2021-02-07   |   by CusiGO

After two defeats, Francesca Jones (20, Bradford, UK) took to the track, beating China’s Lu Jiajing (6-0 and 6-1) and qualified for this week’s Australian Open. It’s not a victory because the tennis player was born with ectodermal dysplasia, a rare syndrome. “I have four toes on each hand and left foot and three toes on my right foot,” said Jones, who is now the 245th finger in the world and is very compassionate and intelligent towards the country.

Francesca, who has an obvious obstacle in her racket between her fingers, now plays Shelby Rogers, 60, of the United States, in the first round. “The worst thing you can do is tell me that I can’t do anything…” as your friend knows, Franny explains in perfect Spanish, because she has lived in Barcelona since she was 10 years old, first trained at Sanchez Casar college, and now trained at Barno college in Andre gireira’s hands. Tennis is accidental.

Before the summer of 2005, Francesca’s father, Simon, worked as a financial adviser with his wife Adele and had to work at home with three children. So one day, after school, they passed the Heaton tennis club, and their father suddenly parked there and took them to the classroom in those few months. For Francesca, however, time goes on because she has never let go of her racket, always has as thin a grip as possible, and is now made for her by the Wilson factory. It’s tennis. It could be something else. “I like the feeling of competition. I think if it’s another sport, like football, I’ll try it until the end. It’s a matter of building a good relationship with sports, “admits Francesca, who uses a broad vocabulary to express her passion for reading. She likes reading books and international news in newspapers.

As she grew older, Francesca had to undergo more than 10 surgeries. “One day the doctor told me that my body wasn’t meant to be an athlete or a professional tennis player,” he recalled, “but my parents told me that I could be anyone I wanted. I believe in them… “Interestingly. Apostila: “at that moment, I decided to do it; these words, on the contrary, made me so determined.” This doesn’t eliminate your risk of injury, because the particularity of your feet and the different burdens you bear when sharing weight make your balance a little difficult. “Many people are generally vulnerable. Just like me. But he worked hard and nothing happened, “he explained, reflecting his willpower. “A lot of people say it’s my greatest virtue,” he pointed out. “Maybe it’s because my favorite thing is to work hard on the track and do my best.” If she played Emily moresmo’s tennis as she did when she was a child on Roland Garros’s court, she would be very angry. “Every athlete has his own strengths and you have to know how to maximize them. My spiritual strength keeps me going. Over time, I’m grateful because I’ve had experiences that people don’t have. ” He added: “in the end, I’m human… I’ve learned to look at life from another perspective, which gives me independence and allows me to play tennis

Now he hasn’t realized another little dream, which is to measure himself with Serena Williams (39) before retiring. “She’s the champion, the best in history,” Calais said. But his mirror is another. “Rafa, Rafa (Nadal),” he said, “his work ethic has always inspired me. We share the game and the excitement of the game. ”

It remains to be seen what happened in Australia and how far it went, but no one doubts that even the doctor who refused at that time, Francesca, could achieve her goal.