Creepy Entrance From Djen É To Ocampos

2021-02-07   |   by CusiGO

This photo will be recorded on the retina of Sevilla fans for a long time. Ocampos’ ankles squeaked before the creepy entry in the 52nd minute of the game. Martinez munuela scored for the first time in Sevilla by the Argentines without a foul. Var stepped in and djene was fired. The Mustang was moved to the bench. Coach lopegi and boldallas were deported after abusing each other, and all signs showed that ocampos was seriously injured, carried out of the stadium on a stretcher and rushed to hospital by ambulance. The first test in the early morning ruled out a bone injury to the striker, although he will undergo more analysis to assess the condition of his left ankle. Everything suggests that ligaments can be damaged. Ocampos is already at home and will pass the following tests when the medical service thinks it’s the best time to assess the loss, which could happen on Monday or even Tuesday.

“We think he has some serious problems to test,” said lopegi, apologizing for his deportation and the way in which boldallas claimed to have been attacked when interested in the striker. It’s the last game of a game to win Sevilla, and in one game it’s much better than playing in an atmosphere of arbitration.

Sevilla proved his depth on the bench, as goals from Papp and Munir were crucial to ensure victory, which would allow him to win the second place in the league. Munir has done an excellent service on the Jordan River and achieved very high results. Sevilla have enough options to score more goals. Ennesili scored, but the forward still saw him score from the offside of Franco valzquez. All this was solved by a slap in the face from dad, who came in second in an elegant way. Sevilla beat a losing opponent and nesiri scored 13 goals.

Hetafe played well in the first game, although he broke the hard fight of captain Jenne, he scored in the game. He had two clear options from maximovic and then was knocked out by a great Sevilla, his seventh consecutive win. Sevilla have a high level of Kuder captain, and they have a happy time waiting for Barcelona in the semi-final next Wednesday.

Nerve saw a fast-paced game, with both teams under tremendous pressure and the ability to hurt their opponents. Boldallas have problems attacking, but they are still opponents of Sevilla. Because of his good way of playing and enthusiasm, these two factors have led to the loss of some nerves of lopegi. There was almost no room for relaxation in this tense duel. Sevilla took the lead in overcoming the pressure of Getafe, while the Madrid man found a way to hurt with the addition of maximovic. The Serb midfield had his first great chance in the game, but he barely scored in Damian’s header pass.

Sevilla, almost always bossy, played well, trying again and again to use Alex Vidal and ocampos as the main arguments, because Ernesto is a good theme for the hertafe center. Sevilla took the lead after the first choice of the Serbs and had several clear opportunities to lead. Ocampos took her behind Oliver Torres’ center. The Argentinian shot again and Ruben Yanes was stopped after Kuder’s big counterattack. Argentines tirelessly shot across the Jordan River, Jordan River into space, destroyed the defense of hetafe. Martinez munura has been warned by Val that ocampos’ goal is invalid. It’s not clear whether the Argentinian touched the ball with his hand, but the student knocked it out. It’s also unclear if Gonzalez Gonzalez will let his partner appear on the screen, because the attacking hand is not interpretative and does not need to be seen on the monitor. It’s either hands or not.

It’s a negative effect for Sevilla because their players are distracted by the goal of an over excited bench player. Even maximovich had another great chance to score, and now he’s shooting from outside the box, almost without scoring.

Sevilla played better in the second half. In the 52nd minute, GINET entered ocampus difficultly, everything became dark. When the center sees the red one, the game is over. But Sevilla, with PAP and Munir, became a storm. They won the game with their own strength. Ferdinand has crawled in from a wrong gudergi, Sevilla’s machine hovering over Getafe, tired and overwhelmed by the talent of this great team. Take the data provided by OPTA as an example. Papp became the first substitute for laliga to score and pass more than 50 times in a game.