Pacheta: “I Don’T Miss The Game, I’M In Pain.”

2021-02-06   |   by CusiGO

Huska coach pacheta Jose Rojo Martin was covering Real Madrid’s national emblem last week. “I’m going to take him… He was with me all day and gave me confidence. In the evening, I put it on the bedside table, and sometimes I open it and write down what I want to come up with, “he said, counting and placing about 100 pages of documents next to his connected computer to chat through video calls. “What’s the difference. When I arrived in Elche three years ago, the first report was about lagostra. We have moved from lagostra to Real Madrid

Pacheta is a man who lives in an exciting awe, often mentioning his unusual journey from a village of 1500 inhabitants, the nursery, Burgos, to the bench in huska. There, he replaced Mitchell on January 12, and since then, Costa has scored four points in three games. “I’m 52 years old. How much did I spend… ”

In fact, pacheta has started training. But not for him. In 15 games of the 2008-09 season, crucci was fired and appointed sports director. They came down. “It’s more about the condition of the team than I won the first training. Today I did win the first level training because I was promoted in a team. Today, I feel responsible to be here. ” Even if this happens, like most things in his life, it doesn’t happen in a straight line. Pacheta got off the bench last season, but he’s from another team. Two and a half years later, he took over Elche in the second B, last summer he put it in the first and he had to go back to town. His position is occupied by Jorge Almiron.

Pacheta already knows that no matter what he does in the playoffs, he won’t continue, but it’s just an intermittent comfort. “Four months after I lost my job, of course you thought,” what the hell’s wrong? ” “Yes. I think I deserve it. But property is honest to me. I talked myself into a promotion. This is the end of a project. But at heart, it’s not easy. When you get promoted in Girona, you just need to cry. ”

Huesca’s technicians always crash before the summit. He is 22 years old, newly married and works in a carpentry in the village of Quintana de la Sierra, 25 kilometers from his wife. They make tables, benches, outdoor wooden objects… Then he got an offer from Marbella, and on the second B, he jumped up and charged half the carpenter’s fee. “It turned out well because we came second, but then I had my first major misfortune in football: I haven’t been paid for eight months. From there I went to Merida, but we didn’t charge anything, and sometimes we thought about going home

Then pacheta was on the verge of abandonment and Camacho appeared, he was called up as a Spaniard at the highest level. “I got into the first division and scored less than 10 points. I asked the late Fernando Laura (vice president) to help bail the floor. I have no money. I have to eat my parents and my father-in-law. ” Although he’s there: he’s been starting for 26 years and training for 26 years.

However, as you would expect in this series of meanders, it will soon twist. By the middle of September 1994, his fiber broke in three days, and it took him a month and a half to recover. “He played Barcelona in saria that week. Camacho gave me Pato on Thursday. He played on Sunday. What’s my surprise when he gave me Pato? I said, “Damn it.”. I slept for four days. Against Barcelona for the first time, saria raised the flag, football atmosphere… Okay, okay, okay. From there I began to know what Spaniards are. I’ve never played with 40000 people in my life. never. In the seventh or eighth minute, there was a foul and Artega threw it away. Throw out the foul and I’ll give you a good beating. fantastic. Hey, celebrate. The whole camp is upside down. I don’t even know what I’m doing. Because I saw it on TV later, but I don’t remember anything. Goals at Busquets, Guardiola, Koeman… He canceled. The referee ruled him void. If I get stabbed, there’s no blood. Koman needs pochetino. 40 minutes later, I broke my metatarsal for four months. I’m sure that was the pressure of those days. ”

He played five seasons in Spain and five in Numancia. Until I was 35. “I don’t miss the game. I enjoy it, but I also suffer because I always realize that the people who play in my position are better than me. I can’t compete with altega, Francisco or bochetino. I played with Camacho in 10 places on the court. Except for the janitor. But if the players in my position are right, I can’t play because they are better than me. As a coach, I’m happier

After, of course, extreme grief. In 2016, pacheta landed in Thailand to train lachabri. Previously, his career didn’t start in the second team games of Oviedo, Cartagena and Hercules. And my son said to me, what we did when we were twenty years old, and what you did when you were forty-eight years old, leave Erasmus. He was an immature Englishman who left his family in Spain and sat on a stool next to the shopkeeper. “I never had conditions, no route, no change. I said I did everything I wanted to do. I said no, I didn’t. Now, he decides everything between right and wrong. ” Not because of the master, but because of loneliness. “This loneliness is when a 90 year old dies, his wife or husband stays here and dies two weeks later. I’m talking about loneliness. I feel lonely in Thailand. That’s why I’ll never go out alone again. You have to be very careful because loneliness will bring you to the front.

He came back, starting with the second B, and attacked Elche again, this time bringing him to the first, but in huska. “I said to the players: ‘I don’t know what you gave, but I know what I gave. I won’t miss it, eh. “