Messi Put In Grizman

2021-02-04   |   by CusiGO

Even if he is the best, or maybe the best, it’s not easy to be with Messi. Messi is a player who makes use of the game. He defines the style of Barcelona as that of no one else, because it’s impossible without attack. The last discovery was Antoine grizman (29, Macon, France). The French happily agreed to them – “just as Leo and the Christians are at the same table,” he said before the house in Azul grana was destroyed. But kanutas has passed, even in the team, even in the field of competitors. Among other things, because in 2021, the Frenchman scored 13 goals – he scored seven and contributed six – more than any top player. And when Leo looks up, he’s looking for him. In Granada, flea gave the Frenchman 15 passes, more than 11 with PEDRI, and that’s important because he has very few games with Ricky Puig. Grizman has won a medal. He can adapt to his team like others. That’s what Barca and Messi want.

“It’s not easy for a world champion, a player who plays a decisive role in all the teams he plays, to be so modest that when things don’t go well, he rolls up his sleeves and runs,” they explained in Barcelona sports. Not only that, he’s also trying to win accolades from the dressing room, such as the custom Louis Vuitton backpack he gave to everyone on the team at Christmas, with the abbreviation of each embroidery on it. “He’s a good boy,” they now admit in Azul grana’s dressing room, “it’s never easy to adapt to a team, but he knows how to turn things around and of course he’s a great striker.” A zone player, whether he starts from the side. Something has been seen around the Nou Camp and Messi.

The shock wave of Argentinian football needs very special teammates, looking for continuous technicians in front of Argentinian’s silent grave. So, since Guardiola leveled the trigger in the memorable 2-6 duel with Madrid in 2009, Leo was sentenced to nine points, and the image of Larson (now Koman’s assistant) or Maxi L รณ PEZ has been forgotten. He is an example of the heavy hammer, which is more than ever. The same thing happened to Ibrahimovic, who said angrily, “I know how to play, I’ll play like this, I’m the center,” he told Guardiola, “leaving in a bad way, replaced by a Boyan who knows how to stand by and attack from the gang. Earlier, he left Eto’o and it was villa’s turn to adapt to the track because when they signed him, they advised him not to compete with Messi for goals because he would lose in the end. It’s not a simple relationship, but guayah ended up with a diagonal, as grizman is doing now. Or, as he learned at that time, Henry was the only Frenchman to surpass him at Barcelona (49 goals in 121 games). Now Antoine (26 goals in 77 games) is equal to Julie (goals in 124 games). All forwards are defined by his superb definition.

Leo is in the middle, Neymar is coming, at least one defender, and friends like Pedro, alinios like Alexis, and the promotions of Taylor and kunka, even occasionally from de urofo. But Suarez joined in and changed history. “Leo asked Luis Enrique to get him back in the band because Suarez is more destructive around. “Leo saw these things,” said a player in the dressing room. Barcelona’s wine and rose moment, together with MSN (Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar), once again with Luis Enrique to unveil Guardiola. “We’ve never had such a good Trident,” I thought about it and pulled it out. Iniesta also made his point: “Henry, Eto’o… We always have the biggest. But these three are incomparable in expression. For me, they are the three number one people, and the future will be better: they are young and have a brilliant future. ” Now it’s a different story.

Koeman had been using ansu Fati on the left until he was seriously injured and the penalty kept bothering him. Since then, he has marched nine times from PEDRI, followed by courtinho and grizman (4), denbelle (3), Ricky Puig, brethwaite (2), junior and Jodie alba. But now, in the end, it looks like grizman’s stall. Instead of deepening from the side or throwing out unsuccessful cracks, it enters to make room for Alba’s invasion, or to set foot on the area, or to limit its function to fast, most importantly, collective touch. For example, in front of the grenade, he passed the ball eight times after the goal, twice as many as Messi, Derong and Ricky, ranking second. It’s great because he’s already scored 12 goals – the record shows that his first goal in the cup was in front of the grenade, and his goals were more on the stick, then on Allen’s body, then online – with eight assists this season, similar to the total of last season (15 and 4).

“I’ve been fine since January, with the trust of my teammates and the trust of my coach, it’s easy. “These are winning streak, you have to catch them,” grizman said behind the grenade. “With his efficiency, we are more dangerous,” Koman concluded, adding that he was happy the Frenchman had scored four goals in the same game for the first time since coming to the Nou Camp. Maybe it’s because grizman has entered everyone’s equation.