Gerrard, The Rebirth Wanderer

2021-02-04   |   by CusiGO

In February 2012, Glasgow Rangers FC, the most laureate club in Scottish history, began to win 115 titles for 110 Celtics. His 60 million euro debt led to competition among creditors and eventually bankruptcy. It was months of uncertainty for the Protestant club, which eventually sold to British millionaire charles green for 7 million euros. He was renamed Rangers Football Club Limited and started his new career in the fourth division, which other Scottish clubs voted on.

Just nine years later, Geers led the Scottish League by 23 points, behind Celtic (two games short) and advanced to the last 16 of the European League, a game they never lost (7-2). His only defeat of the season was against st Mirren (3-2) in the FA Cup.

According to UEFA’s ranking, rangers are the best leaders of the previous 11 champions. Your statistics are impeccable. In 27 league games, he won 24 and drew three. He scored 67 goals in seven games and scored zero in 21. He ended his long journey with two victories. He especially celebrated his victory (0-2) at Celtic Park on October 17. I haven’t won in nine years. On the second day of the year, Ibrox won 1-0.

Four courses brought the Rangers back to the Prime Minister of Scotland. From fourth to second, he became the champion in two years (12-13 and 13-14), but in the Scottish championship, he went through two purgatory training and a second promotion (15-16). So far, he has not been able to impose his own laws on his historical opponent, capitarino, and has had to accept third and second places.

The media and fans, themselves and their rivals, point to technician Steve Gerrard as the main designer of the team’s extraordinary sport. The 40 year old former Liverpool player landed at Ibrox Park in the summer of 2018 and has little experience as a coach for the Anfield youth team. Bit by bit, however, he built a solid whole to his image and resemblance.

Watching Rangers is like watching Gerrard. Feeling superior, he raised the duel to a flat run (4-3-3). This desire to attack is reflected in the results. In 37 games of all games, he scored 97 goals. In nine games, he played four or more times, beating Hamilton 8-0 is the best sample button. The standing ball is one of his favorite weapons.

Gerrard has been the team’s champion for three years at Ibrox. There are only two players in the current squad before he arrives, captains James Tavernier and Ryan Jack. The first, the 29 year old Englishman, has become the greatest footballer in the world. From his right position, he is the biggest director, 11, the best assistant and 10 goals. You can also play indoors and in the center. The greatest player of the season is ianis Hagi, 22, who bought it from Genk Belgium for 3.5 million euros; born in Istanbul, the son of the mythical left-handed George Hagi and the Romanian international; an attacking midfield with four goals and nine goals.

The Ranger, who was founded in March 1872, will be the champion in a few days despite being recast. It will be his first title since the 2010-11 doubles season when he was still a Ranger in Glasgow and will end the nine consecutive victories of the Celtics. Sir Gerrard has a lot of responsibility for that.