More Than A Month Ago

2021-02-03   |   by CusiGO

“Winter market? I’m at Carrefour, shopping with my wife. ” It’s the second trading window at half-time and it’s the season for brokers. But the coach, who has taken over dozens of foreign football players from Spain, has given up. “A few days ago I decided to stop trying. Others have been calling the club, but I won’t call again, “he said.

Luis Alonso, chief executive and partner of stellar group in Spain, agreed with the market’s weakness without being paralyzed, Forbes said: “it exacerbates our bad expectations. It’s a low-cost market, especially since laliga lowered the first and second wage caps, “he said.

According to transfermarkt, Spain spent 21.2 million euros in the winter, compared with 151.1 in the last and 96.7 in 2019. Although not so serious, the collapse of the top five European leagues is common: the Premier League dropped from 242.5 to 85.6, and the Bundesliga dropped from 196.8 to 48.7.

As Antonio Sanz of Bahia explains, the impact of the epidemic that left stadiums empty, coupled with the early consequences of brexit, exacerbated the collapse of an industry that had experienced its first great depression in the summer: “the summer market is weak, But the club included 45% – 50% of the tickets (tickets and tickets) in their budget this season and now they find it impossible to have an audience, “he said.

The result is a winter of barter, loans and small purchases. Spain is another example. Laliga’s most expensive acquisition was made by real society, which bought Carlos fern á ndez of Seville for 10 million pounds, replacing laliga with papu g ó mez, the second-largest buyer (Atlanta, 5.50 pounds). Next came Villarreal, who bought him for twice as much from Karp and Celtic, who paid $500000 for Augusto Solari. The rest are low-cost transfers (such as Kubo al Getafe), many of which are gratis. Alonso said: “almost only free agents or loan players can be traded, not too much, because clubs often can’t afford the wages of the teams they come from.”.

The picture is made up of a group of actors who wait to see who needs surgery most, so they lower their expectations and finally give in. Simone rondanini, Spanish director of Wasserman, the second world football organization, said that sometimes it even exceeded the limit: “at 11:53 p.m. on Monday, I received a contract asking a player to go to Greece. But he didn’t have time to print it out. ” The deadline for all signatures is midnight. The operation did not take place.

Working with Ryan Harper, who is also a director of Spain, for example, on behalf of Madrid’s Fede Valverde, he points to another change in the crisis environment: “contract terms are being adjusted. Almost everyone is two or three years old, and they look less and less five or six years old, “he stressed. He expects that another factor has increased the difficulty of brexit and restrictions on the free flow of workers between the EU and the UK, in which case foreign football players are arriving at the prime minister. Or leave the UK. Like his brother Jack Harper, he was ceded to Villarreal by hertafe. “He is already applying for Spanish nationality to avoid risk, because he was born in Spain but has British nationality,” Ryan said.

However, as Doron Solomon, the chief operating officer of CAA, the world’s largest sports agency under Forbes, pointed out in London, the impact of brexit on the deal can not be fully measured: “the full impact of brexit has not yet been noticed, but with the new regulation, the impact of brexit on the deal has not been fully measured It’s very difficult for players who often play in clubs in Poland, Greece or Scandinavia to enter the country, but they have no choice It will affect middle class players, but it will also affect small clubs. “For them, it will change the way they look for players,” Solomon said.

According to Alonso, the mix of coronavirus and brexit also led to a change in laliga: “Spain has to reinvent itself. Young people in Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands are leading. For example, those from Colombia, Ecuador. They expect that they buy them with very little money, and then they sell them for 80 million, 10000 or 12 million, which many clubs can’t afford now. In this case, we have to take a step forward, in which case we hardly see any significant handover. ”

He agreed with Solomon: “we believe that the major clubs will sign a great player, and in the past, they will sign two or three players. These great signings can also trigger a chain reaction: a player moves from one club to another and is the first to sign another great player, “he explained. A little bit of wealth from the past, but not what it is now.