Levante Knocked Out Villarreal In The 121St Minute

2021-02-03   |   by CusiGO

The blue flag on the balcony of cabaniyar and malvarosa’s mariner’s area was flying angrily. Paco Lopez’s brave platoon adds a milestone to his 112 year history. Granota knocked out Villarreal in the 121st minute with a goal from Roger, their last black and white scuffle in the semi-final of the Copa del Rey 84 years later.

In 112 years of history, the Modesto club near orios has only reached the semi-finals twice, both in black and white. First in 1935, and second in the 1937 civil war, he declared himself the champion. The so-called “free Spain” trophy is still not recognized by RFEF.

Villarreal, like his last game at Miranda del Ebro, stayed on the shore when he was obviously the most popular. Before arriving at Ciutat in Valencia, Unai emery’s team lost the game only twice, to Barcelona and Sevilla respectively.

Within two minutes of the game, the ball came from between Dani Gomez’s legs, the tip of alcocon missed, and Luli was beaten by the right ball from Baldi’s regular right. The immediate response was a close range header from Paul Torres, and Dani Cardenas was quick to pass the ball to korna. The goal, the third goalkeeper of the season, was eliminated from all the Hornets’ chances and the Hornets led in the first half.

Emory has a good performance in both teams, he manages more and more better alternatives, he shows 11 starting lineups with his best performance. In Levant, Paco Lopez is surprised to find that he has kept most of the starting lineups.

The first half started with Denny Gomez and ended with another son. The Andalusian shot over Luli’s goal to block the first quarter. Compared with Villarreal, granota’s defensive system was hardly damaged, but when he reached the dangerous area for the second time, granota’s combined action almost reached the scoring point. On Saturday, Levante didn’t show any complicated performance in the match of Real Madrid. He was loyal to his fearless personality and took a more conservative attitude towards Villarreal, defending low and passing the ball to the opponent. Emory has many offensive variants that are easier to recognize. He brings a lot of people together – Parejo, Terry gross, MOI, coquillin – Pedraza, very active, like the high heels of the left. On the contrary, their arrival was neither forceful nor smooth.

In the opening of the second quarter, the visionary tregelos’ excellent pass behind bostigo made Paco alcassel one-on-one with Dani Cardenas in the opening of the second quarter. The Yellow bomber pierced the ball with his right hand and fired with his left. The duel was won by the goalkeeper, who bypassed colna. The restoration of talavira delarena’s excellent midfield has always been one of the best options for Emory in this course. Trigueros and ALC รก cer then tried to build a demon wall in the granota area and raze postigo to the ground.

When Villarreal tripped over kadenas, a stable Paco Lopez stretched the line and injected more energy into his team. Morales, Roger, melero and miramon changed the game. The duel began. Melero was knocked down by Luli at the baseline, but Val didn’t give a penalty. A center on Baldi’s left knocked him down behind Pedraza, forcing Luli to fly to Broca. Levante’s weather is colder, but Terry gross is with the best yellow Pedraza, always looking at the open space.

Parejo had been asking for a pair of boots for a while. He caught a foul in front of him and went up to the band to put them on. Stupian was ready to throw the ball, but Parejo arrived in time to take it off him. His shot was knocked back by Cardenas and landed on Bana, who threw the ball in front of the goal; bostigo appeared and providencial pulled the ball to the same goal line. The game continued as melero grabbed Pedraza outside the penalty area and was sent off a penalty until Val corrected Soto Grado’s mistake. In the 121st minute, when the duel was over, Morales crossed from the left and his back pass sent him to Roger.