Alcalaz Won The Race

2021-02-03   |   by CusiGO

Carlos Alcaraz, 17, whose name began to gain strength in tennis, grew up again and again, leaving a gap in his early record and resounding results. The last race was in Melbourne on Wednesday, where he beat thoroughbred like David Goffin 6-3. The Belgian, who ranks 14th in the world, has witnessed how young del Palma has spent his life. He has made a very important leap in less than a year. He is close to the top 100, and his victory has made him eighth in the big ocean road open, which is the preliminary match starting from the eighth day of the Australian Open. He also emphasized the projection of a player, and he began to occupy a place in the whole tennis environment.

“It’s too hard. He’s young, but talented. He plays very well, he’s always attacking, it’s easy. “He won’t let you play…” Goffin describes that he is a top tennis player. He has been marching in the elite team for the past 11 seasons. He can’t do anything in front of alcalaz’s attacking repertoire. The boy is neither picky nor looking back in the game. He bites people from the bottom dominoes when he has to bite them and tucks the victory into his pocket The most important thing in his career. It is the third ATP circuit, the first to face the top 15 opponents. Bigger, then. His technician Juan Carlos Ferrero won at the age of 19 (tied with Alex corretja, who was 11th at the time, and Rafael Nadal, who was 16) (tied for seventh with Albert Costa).

“I’ve been trying to control the points and bring them to the table,” the protagonist explained at a press conference, quoting Brazil’s 26 year old 83rd place Tiago Monteiro in the next race. “I’m in good health and I’m happy. It gave me confidence, but it didn’t change my attitude towards Grand Slams, “continued alcalaz, one of the main victims of isolation after tennis players arrived in the country, when he was on one of the three flights chartered by the organization and on one of the flights, kvid-19 was tested positive. As a result, he had to be completely isolated in his room for 15 days, unable to exercise on the track.

“During the suspension, I try to be the best I can and follow the prescribed schedule,” said messiano, who turned to a chair or mattress in the room and insisted on doing so so that he didn’t lose his sense of the racket and keep his muscles tense. After his release, alcalaz won his first win in the elite (against Albert Ramos in Rio de Janeiro) and three challengers (Trieste, Barcelona and Alicante) in February, his first taste of a great day. At the end of the qualifying phase of the open, he was about to start soon. In the first round of the qualifying, he was lucky that Attila Baraz withdrew from the competition.

Now, no matter what happens in the next week, he will take the vitamin of victory over gaffen, a man who never forgets to beat Federer, Nadal and dkokovic.