Villas Boas Resigned As Coach Of Marseille At A News Conference

2021-02-02   |   by CusiGO

Just one day after the French professional football league (LFP) failed in its desperate attempt to auction TV rights, no one knew who would play the classic Marseille PSG next week, and no one had the money to enter the coffers of some clubs strangled by the crisis. An explosion attracted people’s attention. To the Mediterranean. At a press conference at noon on Tuesday, before the confrontation with the camera, the Marseille Olympic coach, Andr é villas boas, announced in a hoarse voice that he had just handed in his resignation as if he were begging to be released. “I don’t want anything,” he said, “I don’t want money.”

Villa boas entered the conference room without a reply from the club property. Frank McCourt, a 67 year old American who lives in Miami and loves baseball and blue coast city development, had to get out of bed to assess the situation, so the coach said he was in trouble. He said he would lead the team to the camera and after joining the club in 2019, he said it was an incomprehensible player recruitment policy: “for two years, OM’s recruitment was meaningless.”

“I learned from the media this morning that om has signed Olivier ncham,” he continued, regretting his misinformation. “It’s a decision I don’t agree with. More importantly, he is a player I said didn’t need to sign

Villa boas’s resignation was accepted as the country’s most bloated and traditional club lost its coach after four consecutive defeats. “I’ve never lost four games in a row in my career,” the technician said. “I’m angry.”

The OM crisis, coupled with the arson invasion of La commanderie by 300 fans last Saturday, is now under investigation, reflecting the overall situation of French football. Many clubs are looking for a TV that can cover their daily expenses with little payment. At the moment, they can’t find a buyer.

On Monday, alliance 1 auctioned off a package of rights (89% of the total) that mediapro gave up, offering $830 million a quarter until 2024. Amazon, dazn and discovery all appeared, but none of them offered a satisfactory offer. Meanwhile, canal +, which has a 20% stake and is eager to buy everything, will take the auction to court. Liverpool president Ibrahimovic rabulun believes the auction has not yet been completed and called on representatives of the club on Thursday, when everyone will make a decision. Meanwhile, it is not known who will broadcast the game the next day.