“Coach Guti Will Ask Guti Players Something”

2021-02-02   |   by CusiGO

Guti (44 years old, played by madritorejon de adoz) is still committed to becoming Jose Maria Gutierrez. Or the same thing, he did not give up, on the contrary, to make a living on the bench. He feels like a coach and he wants to continue to coach when the club comes up with an interesting project. At the same time, he will do his best to soak the football in it.

Questions. When he was in charge of Almeria last season, we stayed and he stressed many times that Guti is now Jose Maria Gutierrez.

answer. That’s how I want to be known at this new stage, but obviously, it’s goody, I’m goody, I’ll always be goody… The name is the least important. I still want to be a coach. I was fascinated by this difficult and difficult profession. I’m looking forward to starting a good project again. I’ve been training for a while. Since I was 10 years old, I have always understood that I have to pass a certain level to learn. Even if you’re a football player, it’s a totally different profession.

Q: what have you done since you left Almeria at the end of June last year?

A. Watch a lot of games. Simulation training I want my team to play. Soak in all tactical variants. Football is a very rich analysis. I’m the kind of person who thinks a coach has to have several ways to play.

P. Almeria looked good, but he was fired when he made it to the playoffs.

A. It’s a very good project, but I know I have a lot of risk. There’s a lot of money. The project started within a year, and he realized that any negative outcome could be decisive. A football fan, president. He’s not fair to me. I think we can fight for promotion. This is a great opportunity. The players are sorry, too.

Q. Do you notice it’s cold outside Real Madrid?

A. It’s a different world. When you are at Real Madrid, you are in a bubble, when you go out, you realize that this is not the reality of football, nor the daily life of former players.

Do you regret leaving? They say, a club like this, you can never leave.

A. No, it’s time. I’ve been in the youth team for two years. The first year was very good, and the second year was not very good. I need a bigger challenge. I didn’t go because I didn’t get Castilla. I left because the benches of Real Madrid and Castilla are busy and I want to continue my career. If I stay in the youth team for another year, I will step back.

P. At that time, he was the most valuable technician in the quarry.

A. He has a good performance at the club. I didn’t miss any of them. As a second coach, I went through 10, 12 and 14 years old, and it wasn’t until Victor Fernandez came that I had the chance to be the first coach. It’s to remember what happened to Guti’s players, he has to work hard to get into the first team. As a coach, I don’t have a chance to prove in Castilla that one day I can also move to Real Madrid.

Q. Suddenly leaving Turkey, Al Besiktas, as the second coach, sounds strange…

A. It’s a difficult place, the club signed, there’s a coach I don’t know, but it’s a very positive experience. I see another way of working. I started coaching in a professional dressing room, I saw the difficulties of the profession, I helped them as much as I could, I tried to grow and learn.

Q. Maybe he has no patience. Soon after you left, Raul got a chance you didn’t have.

A. You never know. It’s because someone has been fired. Solari went to the first team and gave Castilla to Raul, but if he was there, lopegi would do well and Solari would stay in Castilla for another two years. What would I do? Am I going to stay in the youth team for another two years? In life, you always have to go where you think is best for you.

Q. Do you think the door to your return to Real Madrid is closed?

A. Yes, it is now. It’s not me. It’s them.

What will Jose Maria Gutierrez say to a club looking for a coach?

A. I just promise to work hard. From what I look like as a player, I’m very talented, but… It’s probably a point against me, you think of Guti. Football can get you into trouble and it’s hard to get out, even if you try to change your life and do things in another way.

Q: will Guti’s players become Gutierrez’s starting team?

A. Sure, but I’ll ask you something you have to give me so I can play. Football now has nothing to do with the football I used to play. Now the body is important, but only the body can win the game. It’s important that players with talent do the same physical work as players without talent. With body and talent, it’s hard to win the league and the championship.

P. Delbosk, when he was your coach, one day you suggested that he should have a haircut, and you replied that he should have a beard. If a player told you something like that now, what would you say?

A. I learned not to interfere in the private lives of players. What I want to do is make the most of them. I won’t tell him.

Q: as a player, your weapon is the ball. How do you train your weapon to still be the ball?

A. Obviously. The most important thing for all coaches is the ball, and the other thing is that you have players to have it. If you give any coach a very talented template, he can attack the whole game, everyone will. I can see in my mind how I want to play, but if I don’t have players, I can’t let them do it. I could even hurt their career.

P. As a player, he is quiet and has some cross lines, but as a coach, he is active. He’s in the band all the time…

A. When you’re inside you have control, when you’re outside, no matter how much you want to have it, it’s the player’s. When you see things you don’t like, you try to change them, which is why I look different in the band.

Q. Who doesn’t run or play in your team, or are you still thinking like goody in this respect?

A. Yes. Whoever doesn’t run doesn’t play. Now there are not so many unbalanced players in football. Much less than before. I hope you have a Ronaldo, a Zidane, a Messi, a Christian who scored 60 goals… You can forgive this player. I knew in Madrid that if I gave the ball to some players, they would solve a game.

Q. Of all the freaks he’s played with, who is he going to be with?

A. Ronaldo nazario. No injuries, no one will know his roof.

Q. Do you know you have a record in the league, 228 out of 387 games are the most substituted players? Only 41% of the games are starting.

A. Yes, I remember it very well. I dressed very well. My substitute at Real Madrid is not the second B. my substitute at Real Madrid is from the quarry, playing with players I’ve played with, and for me, it’s… Milk. I could have played 700 games elsewhere, but never before. I like mine better. How many players came out of the quarry and stayed in the first team for 15 years?

Q: he won three titles and didn’t play for a minute in the final. Did he have a good time?

A. Worse. The first time I found myself young. The second time he was injured. The third is the most painful. I played Barcelona and the striker for almost a year in the semi-final because he was injured. He finally recovered, came out of the woods, and when he left, Caesar was injured, and Casillas came in. But even so, I feel like the best champion, even if they want to play in the final.