Sports: 50 Points So Equal And Different

2021-02-01   |   by CusiGO

After winning in Cadiz, Atletico Madrid scored 50 points in the first 19 league games. Like the first round of the 13-14 season, he scored for the first time in history and won the championship. Diego Pablo Simeone compares the teams of 2014 and today from a realistic perspective. He pointed out the obvious difference in the composition of the template, which has been listed as the champion in history, and which has not been recognized yet. A comparison of some of the most important features of these 50 points shows substantial similarities and differences, from relying on two sober goalkeepers, such as kutuis or obrak, to two deadly strikers, but very different, Diego Costa and Luis Suarez, who decide how to score.

In this competition, he still keeps the mark of coach as the founder of two teams, both of which are marked by defensive ability. As now, there are four or three centers, kutuis or obrak, and the number of goals is similar (11-10). Belgium scored 8.9 points per game, while Slovenia scored 9.7. Whether it is a draw or another draw, the importance of the winger in the attack is also the key. Neither tripir nor kalasco have reached the level that Philippe Lewis left the team naturally when he started, but they are also eager to win the bottom line like the Brazilians and Juan Fran. If anything, flipping is right. If Felipe is the team’s fourth pass player (41), tripper (51) is now. In this period, there is no better way to distinguish the difference of passing from the back than the record of the center. Mario hermoso is the leading player who passes the most (67), many of whom show incredible characteristics in Godin (34) and Miranda (28). The Uruguayan and Brazilian almost always play for Diego Costa and are looking for second place in most cases. The passes of Savage (52) and Jimenez (50) are not as beautiful, but they also describe a better team than the team crowned in 2014. The number of times they break into each other’s court to play or steal is also a significant feature.

Ball control is also very important in this respect. At present, 54% of the people control the ball, compared with 47% at that time. The champion of Atletico is more from the control of Cartesian space than from the ball. Kirk is the only surviving starter in these two stages. He has the worst performance on the left, where he became David Villa’s main pitcher, especially Diego Costa, who scored five of the 19 goals in the first lap. Kirk is now more focused on the game and has more power in the team’s game. It is also relevant that his number of passes per game has increased from 44 to 61. Seven years ago, none of the midfielders got so many passes in a single game: Gaby (54), Tiago (51) and Mario Suarez (46). Cork is also the captain of a young and less nervous team without core veterans like Gaby, Godin, Miranda, Philippe, villa and Tiago. The players are extracted from the rock profile of a team headed by Gaby garby, the king of tactical fouls. The appearance of plants has also changed. In the process of the club and Simone trying to improve the game, the investment in talented players has been growing, and finally toreira, condobia and sol are difficult to get a firm foothold in front of cork, Lemar, Joao Felix, Correa and kalasco. Alda on November 11, 2014 is a unique species.

Simone won the league with 14 players, at least 18 of whom played an important role, in addition to the five schedule changes caused by the flu.

The pressure zone is another different element, but not strength. The team in the 13-14 season only leads the pressure line at home. Usually in the first half hour. Outside, they wrote a paper on the art of retreat. With a score of 1-0, they convey the feeling that their opponents have been unable to accept it.

In both cases, two shooters from duerce, such as Diego Costa (19) and Luis Suarez (14), proved their strength at the end of the Ecuador championship. However, the road to them is another distant place. In the first game, Atletico Madrid played more space and confrontation on their own field. Together with the Uruguayan, the team goes further and stronger on the other side’s field. Simone said that Suarez’s arrival has changed the conditions for him to be attacked. Although the player is also retreating, in most games, he puts pressure on the opponent’s field to surround the players who supply him near the area.

With all these features, the athlete is now facing a second round, which also has a key difference. On January 10, 2014, at the end of the first round, he reached the level of 50 points, but so did Barcelona in tatamartino. Third place, three points. Madrid are fighting for the championship. Simone and his players had to fight him and beat Barcelona and Real Madrid, Messi and Ronaldo by 90 points. Now they have 10 points, one more game than Atletico. The Portuguese is gone, so is the Argentinian.