Sadik And Joseph Gomez, The Chief’S Men

2021-02-01   |   by CusiGO

“For me, it’s the best secondary team That’s the definition of Julian lopegi al Almeria, who is the opponent of Sevilla Cup quarter final (21:00, dazen and quarter final) on Tuesday, and the only second place survivor. The copero Championship will be a regional derby between fourth and third place, with Almeria equalizing with the second Spaniard and the three leaders of Mallorca, but less. What makes Almeria such a terrible opponent for Sevilla coach? “He has money and a great coach,” they replied at Sevilla. Almeria has enough money, and Sevilla himself has proved it. When he asked Sadik, Sadik is a smart Nigerian striker who has scored 13 goals this season. Almeria doesn’t need to sell its economic potential and has little to price Sevilla. Sadik has a 60 million euro clause and a contract to be signed by 2025. The Nigerian arrived in Almeria this summer from pattizan in Belgrade, where he has scored six goals in the Serb League in exchange for 5 million euros.

23 years old, 1.92 meters tall, Sadik is a real second rate feeling. Strong, fast and good finisher, the striker found the necessary stability in Almeria, trained in Italian football for a while, had a bad experience with Rangers Scotland and took off in historic games like guerrillas.

Behind Almeria’s financial strength is Turky sheikh, who has been the owner of Andalusia club since August 2, 2019. The chief decided to go to Almeria first. His first event ended the team’s qualification and was eliminated by Girona in the semi-final.

This summer, with the help of his right-hand man, Mohamed El assy, the club’s general manager, the club’s owner revolutionized his staff to try to get promoted again. Almeria is the team that invested the most in signing (19.15 million) and completed 20 rookies. Yes, he did well in sales because he got rid of the attacker, Darwin Nunez (20 million dollars paid by Benfica to Uruguayan).

Those who know Muhammad al ASI talk about the taste of the Almeria administration in Portuguese coaches, who he believes are well prepared for their ability to adapt to other cultures, excellent training and keen insight into football. Jose Gomes, 50, head coach of Almeria, was able to end the heated debate on the bench in Andalusia.

Since Turki El Sheikh, who is linked to the Saudi regime, landed in Andalusia in August 2019, four of the first coaches marched within 11 months: Oscar Fernandez, Pedro Emanuel, Guti and Mario Silva. Gomez took the lead in the semi-final and lost to Girona. Almeria’s managers are confident of a long career technician who was the first coach or assistant in Hungary, Greece, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Gomez has succeeded in creating an atmosphere in which all players feel useful. In order to do this, he did not hesitate to make a large-scale rotation in almost every game, regardless of the opponent and the game. For example, this weekend’s 11 games against castron in the League were completely different from the last round of copera’s penalty kick against Osasuna in the cup. “Our priority is to qualify,” Gomez warned ahead of Sevilla, losing only two of the last 22 games (plus four draws and 16 wins).