The Disclosure Of Messi’S Contract Has Deepened His Rift With Barcelona

2021-01-31   |   by CusiGO

Lionel Messi’s connection with Barcelona is likely to end in a bad way, both economically and emotionally, because the contract signed in 2017 will last until the summer of 2021, and the number of the contract was announced to the world this week (555 million euros agreed). “In fact, our feelings are sad. “We are sorry to see what a club we are so eager for has become,” they lamented in the environment of Captain Azul grana. Since then, the terms of the agreement have changed the relationship between the two sides so that Camp Nou is currently campaigning for the presidential election scheduled for 7 March.

Last summer, the Argentinian applied for the Freedom Charter with burofax, under an exit clause that allows him to leave the club at the end of the season, and as the website of the national football leaks later announced, the Argentinian gets 100 million euros a season. Now it is the Le Monde that has specified and disclosed the terms of the contract: Messi’s fixed and variable fee for each season is 138 million euros, so the amount is 555237619 euros. The newspaper says the forward has earned 92% of his total revenue. Both the footballer and the Barcelona club intend to take legal action against the world.

This information reveals the existence of two types of bonuses: one is to accept a renewal of the contract for an amount of 115225000 euros, and the other is loyalty for an amount of 77929995 euros. It is particularly surprising considering that players can sign any club’s exit clause before 2021 at the end of each season. He assured a person who attended the last renewal of his contract in October 2017 that the loyalty bonus was proposed by then president bartome. “There is no negotiation. Barto wants a picture of Messi, “the same source explained. The contract runs out on June 30 and Messi can now negotiate with any team he wants. However, in an interview with Jordi evor last December, he said he had not yet decided on his future and that he would decide at the end of the season.

“We don’t mind knowing how much Leo makes. Everyone knows how he makes money. In addition, he created it, “a source close to rosarino insisted. “Messi is an important part of Barca’s atypical revenue. If we look at how much money he brings to the club, the figure is between 250 million and 300 million euros a year. If their total salary is $140, then Barca has at least $100 million in profits, “Marc CIRIA, founder partner and financial officer of diagonal investments, explained to EFE that he was in charge of economic affairs when he ran for Joan Laporta in 2015. The data is consistent with Barcelona’s market area, which estimates that Messi’s revenue accounts for 20% to 30% of the budget.

The last contract symbolizes the resignation of then president Josep Maria bartomeu to Macy after Neymar fled PSG by paying a $222 million dismissal clause. After a record $1047 million budget for the financial year 2019-2020, the team and the club have implemented Messi Dida. Mismanagement, especially the unstable signing policy – it has invested about $1 billion in contracts such as courtinho, dembelle and grizman over the past five years – has put Barcelona in a critical position, in addition to updating the most symbolic players at prices outside the market, plus Covid 19.

Messi has stayed at the Nou Camp this season because he has not decoupled from Barcelona and no club has been involved in litigation over a 700 million euro contract. Guardiola of Manchester City and Saint Germain of Paris are two possible substitutes for Messi. It is difficult for the British and French to accept the striker’s contract with Barcelona, and Azul grana can’t renew it as they did in 2017.

Azul grana club’s short-term debt was US $730 million, negative working capital was US $602 million, wages increased by 74%, and total liabilities was US $1.173 billion. These figures prompted Carles Tusquets, chairman of the Governing Council, to say in December that he could have negotiated Messi’s departure in view of the situation at the Nou Camp foundation, which has also been threatened by bar à agate, a social media case still under investigation by mossos d’esquara.

Tusquets’ management has been controversial for delaying the election process and intervening in what is considered to be a unique issue for the next president, such as the winter transfer market negotiations that ultimately defeated Manchester City’s Eric Garc í a. The three presidential candidates, Joan Laporta, Victor Venter and Tony fraza, disagreed on the move and expressed support for negotiations on Messi’s continuity in exchange for the huge revenue he generated. However, the announcement of the contract puts the players in a very delicate position and affects Barcelona’s self destruction ability. Just this week, tv-3 exclusively announced the Technical Secretariat’s report on the need to hire Eric Garcia, who said it was difficult for minguiza and ummiti to maintain continuity in demanding matches.

Staff are atomized, and bartome’s policy is to encourage every footballer to negotiate their contract in a specific way when they are required to pay deferred income due to the epidemic. Messi has agreed to reduce his income to the same level as Barca’s and has refused to enter into any negotiations on a new contract, which may aggravate the rift between the player and Barca.