Palmeras Won The Liberators Cup With An “Extreme” Goal

2021-01-31   |   by CusiGO

The legendary Maracana stadium, almost empty due to the pandemic, saw Palmeras crowned in a soulless ending. The great game of the liberators cup, which lasted more than 90 minutes of deep sleep, had a sudden ending: an unexpected hero scored in the 99th minute, breaking the long history of Santos.

The so-called classic dasordade, Brazil’s great nostalgic game, is like a street game in lispido at the beginning, but it lacks creativity and courage. In the first 45 minutes, I struggled with fatigue on the lawn above 33 degrees centigrade. Few people shot at the door. Brazilian football cliche, referring to the joy of the ball, was not invited to Maracana. 5000 people were invited, including family members, journalists and masked fans.

Nevertheless, Santos is ready to move the ball further. One of the players is Venezuelan Jafferson soterdo, who is the successor to Pelle’s No. 10 shirt. Soterdo is 1.58 meters tall and can hardly see his work in helping saints conquer Boca youth team. In the 75th minute, a beautiful pass made albinegro shoot twice, which was two more chances than Felipe Jonathan. A few minutes later, young kaio Jorge tried a Chilean, but the stunt ended up under the gloves of weverton del Palmeiras. There are few fantastic games that offer hope for a great Brazilian classic.

Strangely, the climax of the game was at the end of the game. The whistle announced eight minutes in extra time, and a childish incident happened when both teams were trying to extend the game. Del Santos coach KUKA wanted to give a ball that fell off the court to one of his opponents, Marcos Rocha, on the side, but the strategist was knocked down by the football player. According to the referee, the game was a red card for Cuca, who insisted on Revising the game in the referee’s video. The time of death destroyed the stability of the saints, but Palmeras did not. In a regular season match, Ronnie focused on substitute brenno, who scored a header. Joy, until the 99th minute, appeared in Maracana, perhaps overflowing. Some of Verdun’s fans jumped onto the pitch, wearing masks on their chin, to celebrate with their players.

Palmeras last won the liberator in 1999, when he was coach of Scolari. Verd รก o lost three finals in 1961, 1968 and 2000, leaving him a damned second place.

The liberators cup is the longest tournament ever. The competition started on January 21, 2020, although the popularity of the coved-19 shocked the competition. The leaders of commable refused to cancel the game, and America’s great club championship came back. His ending was so unusual that he ended up with a game without bellows and a lucky header. Pamelas, now the king of the United States, will pack for Qatar and go to the world club, where he will play against the Mexican tigers and Bayern Munich.