Madrid, Laliga On Mars

2021-01-31   |   by CusiGO

Laliga is a mattress. Game after game, the opponent of the competitive team fell down. On the pitch, Real Madrid beat Levante 1-2. Others, even in the newsroom. “We won’t win too many titles,” Barcelona technician Ronald Koeman said on Saturday, hours after Real Madrid won the game against Alfredo Di Stefano. He was kicked out of the militia 10 minutes ago and spent the afternoon hanging out.

Zidane didn’t respond in time at home, and real didn’t get more than kutuis. The Belgian blocked Roger’s penalty 1-1, almost 10 points. But Roger himself gave the Madrid a chance. So here comes ZZ. It’s amazing. Benzema and Arsenio did not rest in the last part of the game. Instead, they rushed to the stands to support Mariano and arias. No one gave him a soda. No courtesy, improvising in the last game of the forward crane. For white people, there is no remedy, it was melted a long time ago, and there has been no new adjustment since Milito stepped down.

Levante is an attractive and dynamic team. The last condition stunned his opponent. Whether it’s Madrid or the broom truck. That’s how granotta looks at it. Paco Lopez’s children were among those who invaded enemy areas. It happened again in waldebas.

What he lifts is not fair, as long as he is not. So every ball, whether for or against, will be an obstacle for the striker. Two balls on the plane nearly messed up kutois, odio Zola and the other sentinels. Just before Sergio Le รณ n left his field and was sent to the horizon, leading to a militia attack, the referee saw nothing. A line, yes. It’s yellow. The student was also told that he went to watch the video and was fired. The Brazilian center is the last defender in the fencing duel between Leon and cottois.

It’s not ten minutes. It’s all for the tourists. But, as has been said, Levant gave everything it gave. His stuff is a bottle opener.

When melero was knocked down by a man who was thought to be Mendi areon at the cotois farm, he was still bragging about Madrid’s inferiority complex – casemiro was the center. A pass from Cruz to Modric, his instep extends from infinity to Arsenio. The Balearic crossed Stefano into the game and beat ETO with a thump from his right foot. This promotion is so unique that the first person to try to arrest a madridian is Morales, an extreme. All of a sudden, an unexpected race: Real Madrid lead 10 games, marathon lead 1 game, 11 points against Levante.

They crowded Madrid in the trenches of kutuis, but without the help of danger and security, their experience was limited to blocking the road. On the Bank of the river, the granotas found an evacuation route, miramon and Crick, their flanks, in the air. Cottois frustrated Roger’s blow, in a back and forth impact without brake, Arsenio entangled with ETO under a fine control.

Militeon is a player recruited from the warehouse and has been marked because of the heavy casualties of ZZ’s defenders. The same thing happened very quickly, o’delio Zola, another man who was repulsed from behind the darkroom. Gypsy did not hesitate to score in front of the miramon center, and Morales ambushed like an angel. Rowing in the most complex situations.

A truce after a break. I’m not in a hurry to get up. It’s just the air in Madrid. Everyone wants peace. Until recently, another Madrid man was forgotten. In his first act, vinetheus knocked down the clergy. outside? Var should be judged from the perspective of clinicians. Kutuis stretched out on those endless arms and refused Roger’s shot.

Attacker Azur grana didn’t give up, beating the Belgian goalkeeper in a corner in the braid between Bardi and rochner. It’s a game where the place is behind. Paco Lopez’s people are amazing. The end of Real Madrid is getting closer. No super cup, no cup, garter champion in Mars view… There are seven points to go and two games to go.

One side to the other will drink to Simon. Except for catastrophes. If Europe can’t solve this problem, it will be a big problem for Real Madrid to have so many chances to renew their contract.