Lack Of Certainty

2021-01-31   |   by CusiGO

While it may seem the opposite, there is still uncertainty. Companies and sports teams are trying to minimize this by processing the information needed in each case. But who can guarantee 100% the behavior of a store that sells video game cassettes in 2021? Who can guarantee the performance of a player who has been the team’s best shooter for many years and now makes his debut in a team from different countries? No, you can’t. Coordinated action by social network users can disrupt the stock market. The rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament blocks the stellate process. An activity involving humans is almost always so inefficient that predictions cannot be used.

Investment and sports (pyramid) is a book about the similarity between the stock market and the sports trading market. A version coordinated by economist Luis Garc í a Alvarez involving 11 other authors in the field of economics or sports.

In the long run, the economy is usually more efficient. In short, it increases the weight of emotion. That’s why there are mistakes in the recruitment market. A bad season will convince managers that they need to bring in. Fear and anxiety can work. The same is true of prejudice – a large British club has found that their scouts are more focused on blondes because they are easier to identify them. The rest is the rush of amateurs.

Can you explain to the fans that there is a project that can demote your team and become a strong sports and economic entity in the medium term? Of course, yes. Another thing will be managing passion and, most importantly, believing that nothing is unforeseen. Let the uncertainty go. No more, no less.