I Don’T Know Where It’S Coming From, But Also Raquel Welch, Al Chelsky

2021-01-31   |   by CusiGO

Young readers may think that Chelsea has always been a great team. No, it took him half a century to win the first league (1955) and another half century to win the second league (2005). Between the two, an England cup (in 1970, in an explosive playoff with Leeds) and the following year, he won from Europe, and they also beat pirli, amancio and Madrid of Freitas in the final.

After half a century of emptiness, the swinging sixties, the Beatles of England, the rolling world health organization, and the anti culture and hedonism of London, Mary kunt, twicky, Carnaby street and King’s road. Players like Michael Kane and Raquel Welch strolled around Stamford Bridge and showed personal admiration for Peter Osgood, one of the stars of the day.

Happy sixties followed by the oil crisis, the winter of discontent, Margaret Thatcher, racial tension, hooligans. Football hooligans’ racism and violence became so serious at Stamford Bridge that in 1984 Chelsea electrified the fence between the pitch and the stands, but the City Council refused to let it connect. It’s the first year for the Chelsea Boys and the second year for the Chelsea headhunters, who are still headhunting on the Paris Metro in a championship game in 2014.

For the club, the 1970s and 1980s were a dark period. It dropped three times in second place and was only one step away from bankruptcy and disappearance. Peace in the stands, balance and even some success on the pitch, two England cups and a replay. With players like Gullit, viali, Zola and poyette, Chelsea began to become a part of the football world.

Then Abramovich came. The Russian oligarch bought the club in June 2003 and turned it into Chelsky. Ironically, the Russian based club invested millions of dollars. The investment paid off quickly: Jose was on the bench. Chelsea won the League (2005 and 2006) and cup twice in a row. Abramovich’s Chelsea have won five leagues, three English cups, one title and two European leagues.

But there is also uncertainty on the success side. Abramovich is sealed, impulsive and unpredictable. He just cut off the head of Frank Lampard, a hero at Stamford Bridge, who has only been on the bench for a year and a half. Previously, he divided it into different technical personnel: Ranieri, Jose (twice), grant, Scolari, Hiddink (twice), Ancelotti, villas boas, di Matteo, Benitez, sari. The new coach is Thomas Tutcher, who was fired by PSG on Christmas Eve. Tutcher made his debut with a 0-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge against Wolves on Wednesday, and on Sunday he welcomed Burnley (2-0).

The problem in Abramovich’s hands is not just his courage, but his commitment to the future. Since the British government refused to extend his residence visa in May 2018 because of his close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the oligarch’s status in Chelsea has been uncertain. Abramovich has always been close to Putin, but since two former Russian spies who took refuge in Britain were poisoned in British territory, the British government has never been like this again. One was poisoned in 2006 and the other was poisoned in 2018 by Moscow agents.

Since then, Abramovich has abandoned the demolition of Stamford Bridge and built a new stadium there, which has been granted a construction permit. Permission expired, project has no date. Maybe that means the Chersky is out of date.