Granada And Celtic Were Neutralized.

2021-01-31   |   by CusiGO

Spa’s comeback a month after his injury kept him in good shape against Granada and Celtic. The presence of the striker has improved his team, he has lost the kudet effect and needs his star presence. He noticed that spas was not at his best, but he played a role in every dangerous move of the team. In addition, his intelligence on the court led to his fouls, four times. The draw was less than satisfactory for both sides, though it was essentially fair. Granada, for example, did not take advantage of Villarreal’s draw with real society in Europe.

Granada played well in the quarter final against Barcelona next Wednesday. He noticed Diego Martinez’s squad and his changes. It’s a party that eclipses Andalusian hobbies. At some stages of the conflict, grenades were close to victory, but there was no clear chance of victory. When he broke the good defensive system of Galicians, Ruben’s goal appeared. Ruben’s goal was very important, especially Marcus and an active Kennedy.

Celtic’s breathing is a little bit better because sparks is back. He could even play two very valuable goals, but none of them scored. The first half was at the beginning of the second half, when ASPAs, always ASPAs, let Marlow play. He was defeated by NORITO in the center of the area and rescued by Dominguez Duarte with a stick. The second is that in the last part of the game, Solari didn’t score at the crucial machis intersection. In this grenade, everyone was attacking and defending. Solari did well in Celtic’s debut.

Granada and Celtic are the two teams with the most goals in the game, but they defended well in the first game of the game. Galicians took control of the game alternately and strengthened their ball control ability. In addition to ASPAs, Celtic also has a top player like Tapia, who knows the game very well and is a great help for a defender who often suffers great pain. Granada, on the other hand, lived in a perfect moment with the passion of kenedi. The problem with good Andalusia is that it has accumulated 33 official games and there seems to be no spark. The quarter cup match against Barcelona is focused on one entity, which has reached the semi-finals in the past and fallen in front of the players. Diego Martinez has to manage his resources and compete with a player who is going through a lot of trials in three games.

During this time, all the methods were converted to long-range shooting. One of them is for Celtic by Fran Bertrand, and Silva and up to three granadas are for restless kenedi, Vico and foulquier. In a game to save Duarte, nolito warned that Celtic’s first sprint was diluted by Ruben’s fuquail and kenetti’s attack. A few minutes later, the two teams reached an agreement that they decided to give up the draw after being defeated in a close match. Even in the last game of the game, ASPAs appeared in the grenade area, although he did not control the ball, which was very dangerous for Rui Silva’s goal.