Fear Blocked The Door Of Hetafe Aravis

2021-01-31   |   by CusiGO

As the gardeners at laliga are experts, in a few days, the midfield of the hertafenser arena will be clean again, just as the battle between hertafe and Allawi has never been there. In addition to shells and shrapnel, just like the war scenes of the first World War, there are still rusty ammunition more than a century later.

Neither hetafe nor Alves got out of prison on the turf of the arena, where the ball flew higher than the ball on the floor. With the aggravation of the wind, the wind blew the ball meaningless.

Fortunately, in the battle of hetafe, no one died, although it seemed so, because the players fell like wood, and the heartbreaking screams made people afraid of the worst. And blood, the most terrible thing in this case. Once, push from Timor to Manu Garcia, even if the blood doesn’t flow into the river.

It’s likely that, with the exception of the goalkeeper, all the other protagonists will end up with headaches because they use more seed coats and other parts of the body to regulate, rather than feet, without taking into account scientific research that warns that repeated strokes can lead to future neurological consequences. It’s so sensitive. It’s all about career.

It was a battle about the arena, but neither the alawites nor the hetafes showed any enthusiasm for their opponents. Instead, they tend to have a Virgo peace attitude that keeps me as I am and blocks their doors. When they don’t have the ball, they are content to foul without measure, sometimes even pretend to foul when they don’t have the ball. Impact and more impact in the centre circle and midfield, and through the band, always away from the area.

He scored only once in the first half. Mata’s words saved him from the spear. It wasn’t a goal, but it might be better, because before the film was finished, Iverson nudged it. Iverson checked it, and neither tyrios nor Troy liked it.

In the next game, it was Alves who, in one of Luis Rioja’s games, worried little about Getafe, the only one with Martin at the center, despite kukuleira’s jump. Yanes and Pacheco were not asked to stop, they are more concerned about the wind than the opponent’s shot.

The two teams are so afraid of losing that the coaches are reluctant to change almost anything. There are five substitutions between the two teams, one of which is a waste of time. Everyone, except angels, why do they say that in order to strengthen containment and continue fighting, this is still a false war without winners or losers.